Melt me

I haven’t started watching this one. so if someone will give me some idea on this one, I would appreciate it. I just hate starting one and it isn’t any good.

Why don’t you go and read the reviews. I wrote a lengthy one explaining why I didn’t like it at all.

ok I will , thanks!

I did, oh my goodness! I hope this isn’t a disaster for my favorite guy(well I liked since healer,ok?)

I told my friend, who likes to wait until dramas are finished airing before watching, about the fact that almost half the comments on the website are so negative regarding the plot and the ending and that the other half expresses having fallen in love with the drama.
She’s currently watching and she joined the ‘in-love’ group.
I would have given you a review and an opinion of my own but I haven’t actually watched it. :confused: (She’s also been a fan ever since she watched Healer.)

and yes I am a fan of healer…so I will start watching and do my own opinion. thanks, don’t know what it is about healer, but I could watch it again!