Missing contributions and back dated projects

I’ve posted in the Team Discussions on some of the dramas I’m working on, so some of you will have seen this message.

Today, I noticed that many of my editing contributions and segmenting contributions disappeared. I first noticed when I was on my Projects page that it back dated me to previous episodes that I’d already completed. Thinking that was weird, I checked my contributions page and saw that it stopped at 2 days ago. All my contributions from yesterday and early this morning were gone. As if I did nothing.

I’ve loaded 3 print screens with the date and time to show what I mean. Using The Flame’s Daughter as an example as that is currently a job I’m doing daily. It shows on my contributions that I was on 2 days ago.
But on the Flame’s Daughter, you can see I had been working on it recently, as of Ep23. On my Projects list it says the last time I worked on it was Ep21.

Sadly, I did not keep up with the total number on my profile if it reflected what the contributions page was telling me. Ugh.

I did check a few volunteers who I work with on TFD and other dramas and saw a few discrepancies but nothing as big as 2 days as my pages were telling me.

And, yes, I have wrote to the Help Center and @vikistatus on Twitter.

Just think everyone should check their stuff and make sure it’s there.

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It’s same for me : my editing contribution on two episode (the classic of mountains and seas) disappeared on my Projects page.

you should probably OPEN those episodes you were in and look at sub editor…because…your contributions didn’t just go away…

It’s worse than that. Two episodes of Untouchable Lovers oddly disappeared yesterday off my profile - and are back today - but BOTH EPISODES BLEW THEIR EDITING! names…translation notes…everything

That’s right, 2 episodes of changes all gone. YET they all show on the activity log! I found that out doing a final edit of 1 of them this morning. Including segmenting fixes and a segment I deleted IS BACK!

**My guess is something happened during the same time period we were all working with these episodes and it’s across the site. **

The next episode…the editing is there, where I left it. The episode before the 2 affected - there also.

Had to pull an episode back from release, plus now waiting for this to be solved before trying again to final the other episode and giving the other back to OL folks.

Currently have a ticket, community post, message to the overlords by PM…and waiting to hear back, it’s been 4 hours since this was discovered. So far, just the autoreply for the ticket.

I just looked at my contributions and they’re from 2 episodes ago…two days ago. so the episode I was in last night that was still showing itself with edit this morning is missing too? um…too weird.

Contributions are still missing a few hours later - but thankfully now the two episodes of editing have returned. No update though on what on earth happened - the episodes have come and gone a few times on my profile. Perhaps they are trying to figure out what happened - and whether the contributions can be sorted.

At any rate, I’ve got a lot of contributions, not exactly needing any to renew at the moment…just thankful to not be redoing the work of two eps. carefully editing the one that was in progress.

I made a change, and it saved to profile as a new contribution immediately. chances are yours are working again. the question is how many other eps had the work blown on them - both of you are very busy folks here.

back to UL.

pax vobiscum

I’ve checked an old drama which I’m subtitling. Indeed, I think there are subtitles missing.
I might just leave it for now, see if it comes back or not…

You may wish to put in a ticket to notify the overlords which drama, what episode, that they may investigate and restore your work. Unless they know where to look - and possibly have a chance before it is overwritten, valuable efforts may be let ebb away…to be redone. A ticket takes 5 minutes. Might save more than that. :slight_smile:

pax vobiscum…

I would say, “long time,no see, Viki bugs!”, but that could mean I missed them, which is a big, fat lie…:slight_smile:
Related to the post, do you guys know if only edited sentences disappeared, or actual translations as well…? 'Cause, uhm… I’ve been translating a little bit yesterday evening and today, but as I never check the number of lines lately, I can’t tell if I had some erased, or not…:smiley:

Looks like both. Segments are the question I cannot answer easily - as I could not go in and really do much with the episodes for fear of overwriting the right things by accident…sigh. I have not heard of any segmenting - by segmenters - disappearing.

So it appears to be subtitle editor things…and yes, Official Chen has said they believe some of their subs are missing above. My edits were certainly in sub editor and the contributions mostly subs.

Today the missing contributions have arrived too.

If you know what episodes you were in - and what you believe may be missing, a ticket to the overlords may get you back what you have lost. :slight_smile:

Hopefully. :slight_smile: Odds are, few have realized it has happened…and it may be widespread. Few people go back and revisit their work from the day before. Luckily the subbing that was the base of the two episodes in question at UL did not appear to be missing… :slight_smile: Probably didn’t happen during the mystery zone of time warp? :slight_smile:

Crunchy Dieter Donut

I had been editing an episode that day (Friday for my time zone), I revisited it yesterday (Saturday) and nothing was missing, all my edits were there.
So it may not have happened everywhere.

Getting the Bermuda Triangle feeling (though this situation is by far not as serious:)).
Not related to the subject: your nickname suddenly made me crave donuts. Many. Must be the 5 meetings I had today… Luckily enough for me, the best place that sells donuts is 25 minutes away by good traffic, so I’m saved by the calories disaster. I think…

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Yes, all the episodes I worked on, in the activity tabs, all contributions were accounted for. That is why I posted the screen shot. The activity tab was normal, but the contributions page was saying something different.

As of my original post, I’ve since spoke to Camille, Jimmy and someone from the tech support in Singapore. Evidently, they were fixing something at the time those contributions disappeared. So anyone who worked during that time, might have “lost” their contributions from the contributions page. They have since fixed the problem and everyone should be back to normal. All my missing two days of work, miraculously appeared after talking to the tech guy.

“Bermuda Triangle” LOVE THAT! Hahaha! Evidently, in those two days, I had entered it. Since my original post, all has been fixed. The tech guys figured out that something they were trying to fix, had caused this “Bermuda Triangle” and work was disappearing. All contributions are back in place now. Viki just trying to fix one thing, which caused another bug. All in a days work, right?

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Glad I could be of assistance… :slight_smile:

Crunchy Dieter Donut

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