Moderation between limits and limitless refusal

While Viki contacts OL moderators to let them know that they shouldn’t abuse the All Languages Moderator to have more than 5 projects at once, we have the other side as well. Certainly, you can argue that being in a position to accept more projects “than you should” can result in unfair distributions. But even if they’re punished for being an ALM, they might keep using other means to reach their goals.
Still, medium-sized communities currently pile up projects nobody wants to moderate. Are those bad? Not necessarily, but they might release slowly, might be mediocre, and many Moderators keep their projects at a minimum size to have the chance to get into fancier projects. While this is understandable, a method to suppress hoarding from (majorly) rare language hoarders and the dominance of large language communities (Spanish, Portuguese) resulted in less projects being translated into languages such as German or Romanian.

But is this just about the Moderation limit? No.
Channel Managers and English Editors are crucial as well. They determine a project’s progress. Let’s face reality. All the pressure results in CMs straying from having 3 Editors, while on the other hand, OL moderators might consider not doing a project with slow Editors. Lots of Editors accepted lots of projects, they work hard and still their pile of work doesn’t become smaller at all. Rather not edit at all? We mustn’t forget that people choose Viki subs over some other streaming services because of their good subtitles. We can read that on MDL all the time.

But there are Editors who got their job description completely wrong. And in these cases, OL Moderators are somewhat taken hostage by the CMs (and Editor/s) of such projects. Like the one where the CE logs in once a month to release some episodes without even seriously bothering to do their work. They last worked on episode 15 about 5 months ago. However, they last released episode 26. Are the subtitles superior? Probably not.
If the CM doesn’t care, the OL moderators are not only blamed by a bunch of unhappy viewers, but they’re also wasting their time doing nothing. They can only try to talk to CM and Editor - or contact Viki. Last time I contacted Viki about such an issue, a year had passed. Well, all right, it might not have been a year but only 10 months.
I could name another one where the CE keeps on not finishing the drama since 2020. The last 4 episodes got stuck. Nothing changed. But maybe someone wants to send a message for not probably being registered as an OL moderator on that show.

While I don’t think we should overdo it in terms of pressure, I know it’s hard work and lots of it… there has to be a proper solution for these things. We can’t keep demanding limits while people have their slots blocked because of only-in-name CMs, some editors or CS (who didn’t bother to find a replacement if they can’t QC one episode within a month)… okay, and these projects that don’t air for a year now. But technical solutions come as fast as some ticket replies. Waiting for some badges for 6 months now.

While Viki might be able to find solutions for some things, we have our own responsibilities as well, and lots of us know this very well.
Accepting a project is a risk. However, there are no measures taken to change this. So far there are just measures taken to change the risk that only episode 1 got translated (I heard they work on some things, but whatever it is, some things simply find solutions for issues that weren’t even issues to begin with). But that will continue to happen anyway. No matter what.

I’m aware this is a difficult matter and for many issues addressed there might not be a perfect solution. However, I think it’s better to have the courage to address things at least instead of just grinning and bearing it while seriously facing our own limits and behaviors as well.

And please don’t “it’s voluntary work” me. It is. So we can do as much as we want as long as we don’t bother others and all work together :blush:


I have a few things to tell about this.
First of all, since the creation of the editor role, I started adding the subbers without mod as editors so they could open and close the episodes and have access to the scripts in case they have any question about the original.
This was way before the limit number thing, and now I cant do that anymore, or else they’ll say I’m “cutting corners” and helping people to do illegal things. If there is only one person in that language and they will be translating all by themselves, why can’t I add them as editors? They will not moderate a team, just translate.
Second of all, the editor/cm thing. This is a volunteer work, but I gave my word to do what they asked me to do. I can’t simply take the project hostage because I don’t have the time to go on.
I’m always in many projects, and I’m editing every single day. I may have some delay in a few projects but I do my best to give the best and the fastest I can because I know that I’m the one responsible for letting OL stuck with a project and having no slots left.
Last year, I was going on a trip and would be away from viki for 20 days. As always, I have many projects going. What I did was, the ones I was CE, I let everyone know they could go ahead after the GE was done. I was going to comeback and they could edit the translation once I finish the last editing. Is simply absurd to me to have a project on hold only missing the CE, just because I couldn’t be on viki. They don’t need to suffer because of that.
On the ones I was GE, I asked them to simply go on without me for that period of time.
I know this way of thinking is not the same for many editors, I can only speak for me on this matter, but is how I see it. If there’s a way that I can make things easier for everyone, I’ll do it.
We can’t be stuck in protocol for something like this. When I was just a viewer I used to check every day for news on the translation, many people do that. I became a volunteer for this reason, for these people. But this is just my 2 cents about this matter that was brought up here.


There is no excuse for this. The main responsibility of the CM is to find a team which can finish a project in English. And only afterwards struggle with us OL mods to finish our languages. So, the CM is slacking big time or doesn’t know her/his work.

Nobody is irreplaceable. If one thinks they can’t finish a project in a reasonable time (may they be a CM or a CE or an OL mod), they should say it loud and clear. Because they need to either be replaced, or another set of hands need to be added to the project.

…And what is Viki to do with all the people who create several (N) secondary accounts just so that they could keep N x5 projects in total hostage?


The truth is, a lot of other volunteer organizations have very specific requirements as far as time commitments. Now that these limitations have been put in place for OLs, they have become even more reliant upon the English team doing their job in a timely manner. The site seems to be trying to find all these ways to speed up the process but for some reason is hesitant to place quantifiable time limits on projects to guarantee a certain amount of progress is made within a specific time frame.

Of course, this would cause mods to start being more cautious about which projects they take on. Who wants to get stuck when they have a limited number of projects allowed in the first place?


Then who is supposed to determine those? Many factors play a role in the amount of time it costs to work on a show so it’s not that black-and-white. I certainly wouldn’t leave it to Viki, who so recklessly applied that one-size-fits-all moderator rule without thinking twice about the consequences for all parties involved, not just for OL, but also for segmenters, English editors, and even Viki itself, and its precious viewers since it is affecting the quality of the subtitles in more ways than one.
Maybe there could be a rule that moderator slots open up when the moderator has waited for a certain amount of time so that they are still on the project, but it doesn’t stand in their way anymore. The last thing we should want is that all English teams now rush through everything and end up releasing crap.


I don’t really mean a specific deadline on a whole project, but as far as I know there are no hard and fast rules about how long an individual can go without contributing on a project before they will be removed or replaced. Some teams operate that way, and if someone needs to be absent for a while, they will work out how to cover for them. But to the OP’s point, if there are CMs who aren’t willing to do anything about a situation in which a person goes MIA for an extended period of time, it’s not good for anyone on the team or for the project.

As you pointed out, maybe the only solution is to find a way to allow mods extra spots if one of their projects stalls for a certain amount of time, or allowing a way to remove yourself (as I know has been discussed elsewhere).