More original shout outs by cast

The shout outs by cast members for volunteerteams and viewers is nice extra but I miss the originality and an encouragement for the teams at times.

Most of the shout outs go like this:
Hi Viki fans / Hi viki team,
I am A.
And I am B.
We star in drama C.
Please support drama C.
See you on Viki!

Sometimes they add which role they play but other then the “Hi viki team”, how do we, the team, know it’s specially made for us? To support us/show us appreciation when working on drama C. they star in? Why do they mention “Please support drama C.” because if we didn’t support drama C. why would we spend our precious free time working on it?

It’s not that I don’t like the shout outs, I think it’s nice they do them even if they are so standard or are already so busy. But I also think those team shout outs are the perfect place for them to do something fun, to connect more with international fans working on the drama they star in. They don’t even have to speak English if they don’t want too as it will be subbed anyway.


I think that the shoutouts are for Viki fans, not specifically for Viki volunteer teams. So they mean that Viki users should go and watch their drama. That’s all there is to it.
Originality? In Korean entertainment interviews and press releases?
Have you read Soompi interviews?
I’m so happy to play this role, I’ll work hard and hope you support me.
I’m so fortunate to be working with respected sunbaes and I will be sure to show improved acting, and provide healing and heart-fluttering moments to the viewers.
I want to apologize for my relationship with So-And-So. I am sad because I disappointed my fans who showed me so much love until now. I would have wished you to learn it from me, but since it has now happened, I am reflecting on myself and will seriously pledge to be better from now on and work even harder, in order to show you a better side of myself. Please support me, and sorry again.


You know, it’s like a script learned by heart. They never say ANYTHING original. You’d have to shove ten bottles of soju into their throat to wring some truth out of their mouths. They have been trained to say only these things.
So why would they say something original in these stupid short shoutouts?


Yes now you mention it… :rofl:

But still Viki is international, I just wish they would just go with the flow more and have fun instead of saying the same lines over and over again. Maybe it’s wishful thinking though.


Let’s start a foundation to provide soju for more originality in the shoutouts! :rofl:


@irmar – ten bottles of soju would be a fatal level of alcohol. If one assumes the bottle of soju is 350 ml and it is 25% alcohol, then quick consumption of 1 bottle in less than an hour would mean you have taken in 87.5 ml of alcohol and if you are the typical svelte starlet or thin idol, your blood alcohol level would be beyond the 0.08% which is often the standard for legally intoxicated in many states of the US.
But you must have seen a lot of interviews!
They also know the “thank you for an award” “I want to thank PDnim X, Y and Z, jakanim A and B, my co-star Oppa (Noona), sunbae actors C and D, who taught me so much, camera director E, Producer F, my agency CEO, my manager, my coordinator and hair stylist, the entire staff, my parents, my wife (kids, Dad got an award!) my grandparents, my siblings, God, and my dear fans. I will work harder and become a better actor/singer/entertainer.”


On the other hand, magazine interviews are sometimes very interesting.
Here is a very good one by Lee Dong Wook:


Yes I like to read interviews and sometimes watching interviews is fun too when they are goofing around with others a bit.

Maybe the shout outs can contain a little Q&A as well with our questions about the drama/their roles? Viki used to have those but it has been a while since I’ve seen one. Like when they put our questions, related to the drama/their roles, in a bowl and then they randomly pick a few to answer. Then at least it’s interesting to watch because you want to know if they picked yours :stuck_out_tongue:

And then for team shout outs, questions from the team.