Mouse, 마우스


Mouse’s episode 14 will give you hope then :broken_heart:

SPOILER: I remember these stills. gooooooooosseeeebumps!

Who else is watching? If you’re not…better watch it. It’s here on Viki!


I am watching, first episode, and now gotta find out the answers to MY questions! and wasn’t there another drama like this some time ago?


This is the first time I’ve this kind of drama. Binge watching crime-thrillers these days.


Ive finally caught up with Mouse, thank you for recommending it to me in a different post.

This show is so intense and dark (which i love lol), and its definitely subject matter that Ive never seen before. The only thing is that the show is so stressful and these twists and turns are taking me for a ride, and I’m starting to get carsick. This is crazy! Would it even be possible for a hopeful ending? No possible way. I feel like I’m setting myself up for more heartbreak! Lee Seun Gi was an excellent casting because I just root for him whenever I see him.

Also, kudos to the talented child actors in this drama. They have been the most impressive.


@sa11 It’s worst than a roller-coaster ride :smile:

tvN even apologized for the late airing. I’m excited about the special episode to be aired this week according to this article

Yes! The child actorssssssss… Han Kook :sob:


thanks for the update