Music in dramas

I may not be in the right one, but will give it a shot. I have watched a bunch of dramas, be it Korean,Chinese Taiwanese etc, and some of those songs have haunting melodies, the people singing them, which I don’t have a clue of the words, I just want to find out how I can get the songs subbed or find the songs elsewhere with subs. I haven’t really checked all of viki, or you tube. I just finished kill me heal me about the 4th time, now I want the songs. also with jekle hyde & me. so where do I go??

some full OST are on youtube, some have original and English lyrics, try also google just the name of drama and OST…
good luck!


If you want the ost you should check on the drama’s wiki page.
I also have a bunch of drama OST in my Google Drive (as in every single music in the drama, not only the songs, but also the melodies ect…). Tell me a name, I might have it and link it to you! :slight_smile:

If you find a OST you like on YouTube, for example, make sure to download it quick. Some of them get deleted. I must say that it becomes addictive to have OSTs. There are so many great ones. My OST playlist is nearing 100. I shocked myself. :slight_smile:

  1. heal me kill me
  2. jeckle,hyde, me
    the songs are so ,well to me ,haunting, and I can’t get them out of my mind. just finished heal me kill me 4th time , and # 2 will be the same
    3 masters sun
    4 oh my ghostness
    this is just a few, I will look for the others.

OH my goodness, I am listening/watching you tube and found the songs, its so good to see the subs, and making me cry all the more. thanks all of you to show me where to go to find these! hey can learn korean and other languages this way too, what a great idea!! agani thanks y’all. so I will be doing more of this as well.

I always find them in YouTube you must write in search box OST for kdrama ‘‘Kill me/ Heal me’’ etc…etc… If they are instrumental only, you must write in search box Instrumental OST for (such and such drama) I have so many I’ve download in my Ipod and mp3. Good Luck! PS. I would put the link here but is not the proper thing to do since this is a competing site.

angelight313_168; at least I know where to go now. the songs are ,to me anyway, tearjerkers. ont thing some has a haunting melody.but still love hearing & watching the subs! again everyone thanks for helping me find this

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Your welcome. I know the feeling because when I hear the music in my ipod I feel sometimes sad the drama ended. Other times, I get so happy (like the songs from ‘‘To the beautiful you’’ or ‘‘Secret Garden’’ they are my faves)

We should make a list so people know about other songs etc… I like ‘‘That Woman’’ with Baek Ji Young I can never get tired of listening to that song.

That woman- Baek Ji Young
Alone again- Big Baby Driver
The key to her heart- Reuby
Tears stole the heart- Ailee
Why did you come now?- Jun Yup
My Destiny-Lyn

Guys, we already have a thread on this topic.

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that would be a good idea! to list those songs ,that is. I would have to go back to what I have watched and the songs that touched me. but still a good idea to do a list.
1, its all about you, has been running through my head, is one that just grabs me!
I will do that and get back to you.

Thank you thank you mirna!!! I was able to get titles from OST I’ve been wanting to add in my Ipod but I didn’t know the titles so I never found them and you saved my life.

You are probably as addicted to OSTs as I am. :slight_smile:

Some of them are so awesome. Goblin’s is so good right now. Moon Lovers…even if you didn’t like the drama, the OST is so good. I’m looking for some old ones right now. The search never ends. :slight_smile:

Glad you found some good ones.

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