Must see/watch dramas ^^

I’m looking for some new dramas to watch. I’m hoping to get some suggestions and good recommendations.

If you can list you’re top 5 dramas that you would recommend and why, please.

I thought this would be a good way to get some feedback going around on the latest shows or some hidden gem shows that people normally over look.

**Warning if you haven’t seen or finishing watching the Kdrama Secret DO NOT read the content below
For those that have watched Secret how many of you thinks that SY should have taken her son back?
I was so upset about that. Yes I understood the reason on why she did what she did, because he cared for San. But her son was taken away from her and he’s going to grow up only seeing her as his mom friend. And when he’s old enough to understand, how do you think San would feel? I mean it would have been better to tell him then before it gets deeper with the lies.

She should have said I’m your birth mom, but this is the woman who was nice enough to raise you when I was away. The lady should have become the aunt or mother number two not the other way around. She cried for so long for her San and suffered so much. Not to mention it was her son that was wrongfully taken away from her. If I was her I would have told the truth, yes he’s a child and to young to understand but it was better to tell him then than later.

He’s going to grow up with lies and when the truth is revealed in the future it would be more devastating for him. I’m sure he would have resentment for the both of them, one for the lie, two SY he would have felt abandon by SY wondering why she didn’t fight for him and take him back no matter what, three because they both lied, four he would have felt that the other lady took him away from his real mother in some sense.

I would change the ending of the drama to where he was told the truth, and SY was able to get her son back. Yes it would be hard but they could have worked something out without lying to SAN.

Agree with you. I am a mother and definetely wouldn’t be able to let him away. Shock? Ok, but he’s still just a child and with love he could get over. The child’s place is with his mom. Anyway, the show rocks and i will re-wacth for sure somewhere in the future.

If I would do the recommendation, hahah… i don’t have a top 5, i did watched just dramas i liked, which didn’t liked i just dropped. And the on the watched list I have more than 100.
But have you watched Reply 1997? Now it’s on air Reply 1994… so damn good and funny. Try it.

First reply to Secret -

For the story I would leave it as it is. For the future there are many ways to let San know about his mother/father and his own story. And not just to wait till he is an adult and then drop the “bomb” at him.
I understand SY for not scaring her son more, but still being some part of his family. He is not even that healthy, he has some psychological issues already that was “scratched” info in between the talk of his adoptive mother and him and between her and SY. I understood that this way is a gentle way of letting him know that he has a safe place called home. As if you take him out there, it’s not only the issue about SY life, but that Granny will come out of jail as well one day and I am somewhat glad that this way she has her borders of influencing San’s life further.
Btw. the adoptive mother wasn’t aware of the story behind San, she was not only decived by Granny but also by her own mother (I think Granny mentioned it), to take the child in.

Second reply - for dramas you might like to watch:
(It’s hard since I only got to know 1 drama you like, I normally recommand based on what people like, not only what I like but here we go.)

  • THANK YOU, because I think it reminds us of what counts in life
  • CITY HALL, because it’s fun
  • MY NAME IS KIM SAM SOON, because of a not as perfect heroine
  • A WIFE’S CREDENTIAL, because a woman can fall in love and change
    her life
  • DR.KKANG, because a man can fall in love and change his life


Additional some newer dramas to recommand:

Considering the child was only 4 years old, of course I would do anything to get him back. Also, I was surprised that Ahn Do Hoon go to prison for a murder that he didn’t commit, but he sacrifices for Shin Se Yeon as Yoo Jeong sacrificed for him 5 years ago. However, despite this, I consider “Secret” a very good drama, I would say is my second best for 2013. The first is “That winter the wind blows”

Dramas you might like to watch :

  1. That winter the wind blows :shows that true strength is delicate.
  2. When a man loves : proves that kind and delicate hearts and tongue that are neither makes the finest company.In this drama “he” (the former gangster) has a delicate heart and “she” is the tough one.
  3. Innocent Man: a drama about a man who wants to believe that there’s one relationship in life that’s beyond betrayal. And there isn’t. Since you enjoyed Secret, you’ll like this too cause there is a similarity (he goes to prison for a murder that his girlfriend commit)
  4. Loving you a thousand time.
  5. The Queen’s Man : enjoyable light drama


  1. The Queen’s Man : enjoyable light drama

Do you perhaps mean The Princess’ Man, but I would not say that it has a light story at all.

Ah, I think I get it now, you mean Queen In Hyun’s Man, that was a nice one. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss.

yes, I meant Queen Inhyun’s Man

I gave examples of contemporary dramas, I didn’t wanted to mix them with period dramas. The Queen’s Man/Queen Inhyun’s Man is more a modern drama. But if you mentioned “the Princess Man” , I must admit it’s in my top 3 period dramas, definitely a must watch. I like it because the story escalates with fast-paced action, twists and turns ,good chemistry and above all , truly great acting for either the lead actors and also the supporting actors.


I liked this drama, although Seo Min-Do’s face demanded palms, you really wanted to slap her. Well, I’m the type who prefer a pleasant vice to an annoying virtue :slight_smile:

DH DID in fact commit the murder - or hit and run homicide, whatever you want to call it. The final full crash scene showed that.

really? I thought she was already dead , not because of Do Hoon. But why Yeon Shin considered herself guilty? Just because she called her that day at the coffee shop to talk with her, and after their meeting she had the accident? I must re-watch the last episode :slight_smile:

@denisa_lapusan @warren_lauzon
About the last episode of SECRET …
I thought the flash back of that fatal evening showed, how everyone had a part of guilt for her death.
YS for asking her out that evening and trying to “kick” her out of a relationship that she had no right to step in, MH father for “hunting” her, MH for not taking life serious and unable to protect her, DH leaving her to die at the street, YJ for distracting DH while driving, DH dad for not fixing the car’s wiper, …
That was a long list of envolvement, or unfortunate concatenation of circumstances and it showed how some admitted their guilt and others didn’t and how their decisions influenced their lifes.
At least that’s how I felt.
The hit was the accident, but not looking after the victim was the real crime.

A nice and fresh teenege story drama - Puberty Medley (KBS special drama, 2013), just 4 eps. You can find the eps on you tube.
Heartless City - if you’re able to find it anywhere, viki has no licence for it. It’s something like Time between dog and wolf, but it’s more professional.

Loved most: (some were already mentioned) Queen In Hyun’s Man, When a man loves, Master’s Sun… other/older: Rooftop Prince, My name is Kim Sam Soo, Secret Garden, If in love like them (short), East of Eden (twisted destiny, a quite long journey), Lovers (quite popular that time), The world they live in, Last scandal (so funny), The greatest love (masterpiece), 49 Days (sad but worth to watch), A gentleman’s Dignity (very good), Cheongdam-dong Alice, Shut up flower boy band and Flower Boy ramyun Shop… OMG, i can’t stop…