My channel didn't receive any response from Viki!

I have created two channels, but they didn’t get approved or denied. Even though it’s been almost over two or three months since I created the first one.
What should I do?

I know what you mean. I think that we all have the same problem.
This is what someone of the staff answerd me a month later:

‘‘I sincerely apologize for the delayed response! We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of requests to the Help Center in recent months, so we’ve been working hard to grow our team. We expect to significantly bring down our average response time over the coming months, and to do a better job of prioritizing the most important issues.’’

This was about a request to be a Channel Manager in a project, but I think that apply for all. So in conclusion, I think that there are too many requests and not too many people in the viki staff yet.


I have the same problem, and I bet other people do, too. Write an email to Viki, and I’ll bet they’ll help you that way.

It might not be relevant, but Viki staff told me that channels for web dramas take longer to get approval. I’ve got a channel that wasn’t approved and was created in October.
Hope this helps

I have the same problem. I have channels that I requested months ago and nothing yet. but I created a Korean one and that one was denied like in 2 days, so by prioritizing they might mean most popular or only Korean, I’m not sure, but is still annoying.

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