My desktop broke! WAAAA!

Microsoft pushed out some updates and it broke my computer BAD! The stupid thing won’t even finish the update cycle. It reboots and crashes and I couldn’t even get it into safemode or the command prompt from that computer. It refuses to break out of the boot cycle. Been fighting it it all week. I don’t have the resources I need to fix it at home. This is the one time I wish I was still working, then I could drag it in and put it on the bench and fix it. (I was an IT tech for 30 years but I don’t have a shop or spare test equipment at home.)

I had to boot with an emergency Bootable USB to recover my files, then I’ll have to rebuild it and REINSTALL every darned thing I put on it for the last few years. grumble… Remembering all the DOS file copy commands. lol… Xcopy C:\Users\Username\Desktop*.* f:\BACKUP2020 /S

THAT is taking a LONG time to copy over. So Laterz! I won’t be coming to any Watch parties until I get this fixed. My laptop is too small and uncomfortable to sit at for any length of time. GrumbleGrumbleGrumble :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :smirk:

That’s horrible! I’m so sorry. I hope you can get it fixed soon! :four_leaf_clover:

Given your background, I at least hope you have a backup of everything important.
You could also have made a ghost copy if you don’t like reinstalling stuff.
I never do ghost copies, though. I do grumble too when I have to move to a new laptop, for instance, it takes me about two full days. But I see it as an opportunity to clean up the system of old junk accumulated by various applications during the years and maybe re-think whether I really want or need or use all of the programs anyway.

Oh yea, I do have backups of my data but it takes DAYS to reinstall all my software. My desktop was broken so bad by the update that I was unable to restore it or recover it. I could boot to the command prompt so I know the hardware is ok, just the OS is mangled.

I ended up taking it to a shop of all things just because I don’t have a test bench at home. It takes a long time to research and create all the fix it tools, so it was just easier to take it to a shop where they already have that stuff. Also, a lot of the tech tools you have to purchase a license for and I am cheap. I don’t want to pay so much for tools I will hardly use… Lol I admit, I was spoiled cuz I could always pack my desktop in a roller suitcase and drag it to work and fix it previously and use work’s high capacity bandwidth to download. My old internet bps was horrible and it would take days and days just to download tools much less install software that is now all online. And, I was accustomed to just brainstorming with the other techs - I don’t have that anymore so researching on my own just takes a lot of time. and everyone at the University I worked at is still doing work from home so the tech support desk at my old university is closed right now. I wonder how they are fixing everyone’s hardware issues now since the tech bench is closed. People must be making appointments and dragging their systems in from home.

They are going to wipe and rebuild the computer OS and get all the drivers and that kind of stuff I don’t have. And that computer is 10 years old now anyway so It’s time for a new desktop as soon as I can save $1,000 (Just the box costs that much). I have my eye on an i9 that should do well the next several years.

Yea, I am being a lazy geek… :laughing: I guess I can do that now that I took early retirement. My brain is fried anyway from having to fix eveyone else’s computer problems for the last 30 years anyway. :shallow_pan_of_food: (Don’t have a fried emoji so a paella pan will have to do. :rofl: )

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