My Favorites

Quick question - is it possible to separate “Favorite Artists” from “Favorite Shows” in the “My Favorites” column? I’ve found that when I ‘favorite’ an artist or a show Viki just lumps it all together under “my Favorite Shows”. Also, is it possible to arrange them in terms of ranks of popularity etc? Any help you can render would be most appreciated. Thanks.

I think you would have to do it on the computer not on a tablet and go under settings but other than that you can add another list instead of favorite shows I did that

As far as I’m aware, Viki just adds anything you favorite under “favorite shows”, and they’re just listed most recently added first.

I don’t think there’s anyway to separate them or arrange them, unfortunately. Now that you’ve mentioned it, it would be nice to have that kind of feature. You could always suggest the feature and see if anything ever comes of it.

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Thanks. I’ll do that. It just helps to be better organized as I have a lot of favorites!