My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Where do they get that Rico Suave School Sexy Thing - I seriously think they need to STOP


Sorry Not Sorry


This dude has it covered! Lips, eyeliner (in top photo), large ring on finger, and the sexy thing he does with that lollipop! Looking good, Jin Young!


The Devil Judge


He is a CUTIE! I realized it was him when I posted him as Barista! :blush:


Oh, Hello! :fire:


I have been known to hold grudges against fictional characters and, by default, the actors/actresses who portray them. This guy is one such actor. For whatever reason, I developed a dislike toward him based on a character, but I’ve been watching ‘The Good Detective’ on Ntfx and have slowly fallen for him big time. He has such a cool, don’t-mess-with-me aura and it’s magnetic.

Jang Seung Jo - 39



This beautiful gorgeous man is almost 40
I die! He is a hottie! :blush: Great Lips :lips:

He was in I Order You - I love that drama


Was he unlikeable in that? I can’t remember. I can’t seem to recall which character of his made me dislike him, I just know that I did. But not anymore.

I can’t vouch for how old he is in these photos, but yes, he is almost 40. He is a daddy, too.


TV Time


Liu Run Nan - Gourmet In Tang Dynasty - Gorgeous Profile!
Wow he grew on me! Welcome to Hottie Posse.


Hello, is it me you’re looking for? :microphone:

So gorgeous!!





Kim Hyun Joong - SS501 - Welcome to Hottie Posse = 35 years young :heart:

animated gif


The king!!! (for me :wink:)
Min Ho!!
Shinee stuff





Find the strength, you will be rewarded.:grinning:


I know just look at him not the FL - that is my problem! I need to watch party it so I can just yell
HOTTIE - every time he comes on screen!

But actually her telling him to move - yep that’s me! At the gym today - don’t EVEN ask me what happened (a whole group of hotties came in when I was leaving YOGA like a BIG group) almost stayed to workout on the treadmill!!! Bahahahahahahah :smile:


her look in that GIF is priceless. QUIT BLOCKING THE HOTTIES! :rofl:


Ok @kdrama2020ali ! Here you go! Special for you!

Go to time stamp 2:34


Oh his workout scene! in Red Sky??? Is Awesome!!!


Amino Apps



I am dying a slow death that he is singing a Goblin Song from the OST!

Kim Min Kyu! What a talented guy - And that Smile! :slight_smile:


Happy 28th Birthday BABE!


Aiyaiyai. Wasn’t prepared for that from our birthday boy!