My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


OMG … yes ma’am. My :heart:

Wait – was he not in here before?? HOW DID WE MISS THAT???


No he is!!! I am a HUGE SONG KANG FAN!



I think he is so darn SEXY

Tell me what it is about him - he is not my usual pretty boy???


Have you seen this guy @irishtigger


There’s no real explanation other than the fact that he oozes charisma from every pore of his body. And somehow he knows exactly how to put every one his features to their best use individually but synergistically in order to create a perfect, sultry complete package.


No … who is this? He’s pretty nice to look at, for certain!


Click the upper right where I replied to myself and you will see more photos!


A lot of baby birds have graduated because of the hotness lol!


OHHHHHH … Korean Odyssey is on my watch list! He is YUMMY!


Jang Geun Suk





B1a4 - Jung Jinyoung - 29 - Welcome to Hottie Posse


My new hottie posse member has a beautiful voice!!!


He was in Love in the Moonlight with our Park Bo Yummy!!



I think Rowoon needs to move between Baby Bird and Hottie Posse
Make that happen!!! :wink:


Between yesterday and this morning, I’m almost in heart jail! :sob:

Lots of yummy posse members making this Friday amazing! :star_struck:


He definitely is more mature than a JUCO student. Based on his dance moves and his look of maturity while driving the car (aka: level of HOTNESS), he should be moved to HPU. Done! Thank you for your business! LOL!


A lot of graduations lately lol


Rowoon and that Lip Bite - YOWSERS!


Lin Shen

I am slowly falling for the ML in Dating in the Kitchen -
He has the sweetest most loving eyes and sweet puppy dog smiles!!! Aw, he is starting to melt my heart with his devotion and flirty sweetness - cuz he seems so confused.

He has an “Old-Time” movie star look!!!


Simon Lian (29) “Lost Romance”
He’s so sweet