My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?




Hottie Alert - KAI

I just ordered mine!!! So excited!!!



I miss our Baddie Bad Boy with a Heart of Gold!
Hao Du


Dream Time

Happy Thanksgiving :muscle:


All need a Cold Water Fall after all this FOOD :turkey:


Cast Upload

Vage Vistages


Wheel Of Time - Hottie - Josha Stradowski - Dutch Actor
The show is REALLY good actually

Wheel of Time

This guy has cheekbones for days - @misswillowinlove

Starry Constellation


There is a Dutch family at my church with a couple of boys who look just like Mr. DC.

Dutch Cheekbones as opposed to KC (Korean Cheekbones) or ChC (Chinese Cheekbones) or AC (American Cheekbones) or TC (Taiwanese Cheekbones) or ThC (Thai Cheekbones).


I do have Amazon Prime! This is very good!


Those Nordic Cheekbones don’t ya know!!! :smile:


The First Non-Asian show I’ve watched in a while. Hubby was happy to spend some TV time with me. :blush: It is good. Can’t wait for more.


He deserved a spot in Hottie Posse - even though he is 25 = WHAT

Don’t you think??? :fire:



Eui Soo looking good!!!



One of my all-time favorite soloists and one of THE most underrated visuals :heart_eyes:
Sometimes I suddenly miss him so much more than I usually do so here we go picturessss


Happy 37th birthday to (I believe) a new member of the Posse: Ji Hyun Woo. He’s a semi-seasoned hottie currently appearing in Young Lady and Gentleman. Adding him to my stable of Rowoon and Renn so hands off @kdrama2020ali! LOL!






What I am so offended?? LOL

This might be impossible!

looks like he is telling me he is “Stoic and Squishy”


If you find just the right picture, he even has dimples. But I digress…


He does!



That photo took that concept quite literally. LOL

From the little of ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ that I have seen, I would say his character fits in this category.


Welp then hands might not stay off



I saw this somewhere so I thought it would be appropriate to use in this instance:


And for additional emphasis:



are you using stuff against me!!!