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Always LOOKING @stardust2466_546 for more Hotties! :heart:




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Happy 35th Birthday Song Joong Ki - Sept 19th


Sept 19th Song Joong Ki
Sept 25th Hyun Bin
Sept 30th Kim Jae Young
Oct 12th KangJoonie
Oct 23 SIGgie
Nov 6th Lee Dong Wook
Nov 16th Park Hyung Sikkie
Dec 16th Park Seo Joon

Upcoming Birthdays!


We all appreciate your efforts! Great stress relief! :wink::grin:


Ditto! Happy 35th birthday Song Joong Ki! May your pajamas always be as soft as silk and your showers always be temperate.


Oh my PJ Trope Thank YOU!!!



True Confessions! I have had serious withdrawals from :100: days and D.O.
I think I’m a little drama depressed -
D.O.zie LOVEfest 2021



Welcome to Hottie Posse -
Thitipoom Techaapaikhun
Age 28

He has a BS and MA
Engineering & Business- Impressive!


Yoo Seung Ho



Oh my Gosh he is so ADORBS! A smile I just love
Yowsers that 1st photo and his hair in that last photo
seriously need to re-watch I AM Not a Robot
Yoo Seung Ho
REvisited Hottie Posse





So I have a real problem believing that this boy is 32 -
Im Si Wan


Look he was so CUTE in his uniform = BOTH

Im Siwan



Welcome to Hottie posse, Siwan.

I’ve been re-watching some of my favorite parts of ‘Run On’, so a mini SiWan lovefest seems appropriate.
This one’s especially for @kdrama2020ali

He has a different ‘look’ than the others in my top 10, but top 10 he is. (I spy a little ankle :wink:)

He does tend to give off a sweet and innocent vibe that makes him seem younger than he is, and then there’s this:


my trope - aw white shirt! :tshirt: and watch :watch:

I was thinking about him - he is a classic - I doubt he has had any help looking adorable! He has a very unique nose structure and lips! Do you know what I am saying???

and wow he looks good in his uniform he should do a kdrama in uniform


I do know what you mean. His facial structures are quite unique.


So SiWAN LOVEfest 2021 has started.



I wish ZE:A would get back together! UR WELCOME!

#2 photo - that jewelry and ALL white


Two of my boys being silly.


They seem to get paired up a lot with ZE:A stuff. :heart_eyes:


ZE:A back together SOON for the WIN! RIGHT! :smile:


I’m in!! I watched the video you posted. Yowzers. It’s kind of weird to see that side of him because most things I’ve seen and read about him suggest that he is naturally very shy and reserved, but he was definitely tapping into his sexy side.


They definitely know what FAN SERVICE or GIRL SERVICE is - that flowy white shirt like moving with him and the way he is wearing it is just - :drooling_face:

I didn’t say anything - not a THING :blush:


Aw, D.O.
his skin is so beautiful here
LoveFEST 2021