My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


I HAVE THE BIGGEST CRUSH ON THIS GUY :sob::sob: Watched Perfect and Casual and fell in love!

I don’t know, maybe I find guys with glasses very, very attractive :sweat_smile:

It’s his casual, intelligent-professor aura that gets me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: along with the sudden, shockingly adorable moments HOW CAN I ADD HIM TO HOTTIE POSSE? He qualifies because he’s 31 but he’s so CUTE!


Our Dr Hot Cross Buns wears glasses and I DIE! There are some crazy sexy parts in Incurable Case of Love - Hold on to your HATS!

My new love - Takeru Satoh
Did I not tell anyone that??? :laughing:

Japanese Station


His mole under his eye and by his mouth - DIE!


Nope, you definitely did NOT tell ANYONE here that he’s your new crush. :joy: And you definitely have NOT been spreading Hot Cross Buns propaganda all over the Discussions board… and I have defintitely NOT been brainwashed into believing that Incurable Case of Love is the best jdrama in the history of Dramaland even though I’ve watched only one episode :joy:

but oh he looks amazing with glasses on!


@vivi_1485 you might have to shut your eyes a few times - a couple good steamy “clean” J-drama


I loved that show and I love him!



I admit that I watched the end of the drama with @kdrama2020ali last night. We couldn’t help ourselves.

I have to tell you, Vivi, that I feel the need to forewarn you. Despite the fact that everyone remains fully clothed and there are no real make-out sessions, I’m not sure I’ve ever been as flustered by a drama as I was with this one. I actually thought of you on several occasions and wondered how you would handle it. I literally had to track down a fan for myself. But I’ll be there watching it all over again with everyone else because it was sooo good. It got straight passage to the top tier of my list.



but we think he is so beautiful even when he sleeps :laughing:
I figured out how to REWIND


Let’s watch that again! Just one more time… Okay, maybe one more time.




Hit me BABY one more time! I know we watched a few scenes like 5 times!



So we thought the D.O.zie LoveFest 2021 was BAD!

Try the Takeru Satoh - HANGOVER-FEST 2021 - I have reached Hangover status! :laughing:



You guys are just too much! I need a mop to clean these floors now! :broom: (all y’all droolin’ all over the place makin’ a mess!)

He’s a doctor - 🩺 Time for your vaccinations. :syringe: The experiment has just begun. :alembic: We’re going to look closely :microscope: to see what is causing these symptoms…

Ah… I see. He’s a doctor from :japan::shinto_shrine: You guys are in for a roller coaster of a ride. :roller_coaster:

But, you know… doncha? He is really Rurouni Kenshin DISGUISED as a doctor.



Help me! I died!
And he is a black belt
and he does stunts - I might not recover!


Please forgive us for the messes we made. :blush:


:joy::joy:Let’s see if I survive this ride! I’ll make sure to keep a fan and pillow to hide myself when I join the Watch Party :sweat_smile: I really hope I’ll be able to join today…


I know @kdrama2020ali’s probably forgotten about him, but I just had to share this video of D.O tap dancing :joy: This is why I can’t imagine D.O in the Hottie Posse!


OH I have not forgotten about my D.O.zie


I think I posted him tap dancing in Guys with Moves a while ago! I have not watched the movie cuz I know I’ll :sob:


Still able to make adjustments/additions until 5:59 pm central time on Thursday, October 7th. Then the system is down until 8 am on October 21st. Good times! (Not really…). I’m pumping in transfer work as quickly as I can and moving as many cuties into HPU as are eligible for the time being. LOL!


Please welcome Ju Ji-hoon to the Hottie Posse. 39 years old, 6’ 2". He’s a mature hottie. :wink:

(South China Morning Post)

Below is from Hyena on NF.




What show???


Is he the guy who will be starring in the upcoming drama ‘Jirisan’? I think that looks good. He is a hottie.