My subtitle count went down?

It was at around 15,800 this morning but went down to ~15,700 the last time I checked it, which was about 2 minutes ago. I’m a bit confused to why it went down, but here’s what I think:

I was in the Sandbox of the NSSA just a few months ago, if I remember correctly, and there was a section where we added subs. If a moderator/CM were to remove those subs (for another student to fill in), would that make my subtitle count go down?

It’s not a huge drop, thankfully, so I’m not too worried.

It could have, and would have, if they had been deleted … but none have. Occasionally it will happen to some subs or segments with many students working with the same episodes for a while but nothing like that has happened recently.

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We’re both in the same drama, Hospital General 2 , and the explanation of why your subtitles are down is for the following reason .
In some episodes the segments were wrong. To modify these segments is necessary to eliminate subtitles in them.
I apologize for what this has caused.