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I want to start volunteering but I only know 1 language which is English. What can I do?

You could try segmenting (cutting the videos in pieces for the subtitlers) or being an English editor. Please refer to the NSSA

Feel free to ask here if you need more help!

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Thank you! :smiley:

or…you could transcribe or caption.

both would be English to English. Set the project finder to caption English and that may find a project for you - or “subtitle English to English”.

There are projects where English is written in hard subs on a video and we transcribe them to a language file for the mobile and other devices to pick up and also for the Other Languages to then translate.

Those too are possibilities. :slight_smile:


Noah Veil

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I don’t think a person who has just come to viki and is a complete beginner should start by being an English editor.
In my opinion captioning is the best and easiesst idea, until you get your bearings and get a feel of how things work around here.

– Sorry for the constant editing, it keeps locking me out of my comment.

I mentioned certain things an English speaker could do in Viki, not do right away in Viki.

I still think NSSA is the best starting point for any volunteer.