Never Ending Dramas and New Moderator Tool


Hi, everyone
With Viki’s new tool for moderation, we have discovered a new and exciting way to spend our time, opening tickets about errors, never ending dramas that are sitting on the shelf and the CM just don’t care anymore and coming soon dramas that are not coming soon.
Aside from dramas that are over 6 months without releasing episodes, there are the dramas that are on the gray area “forever coming soon”.
Between non replies from absent CMs and unfairness with coming soon projects, what can we do? Send message to the staff? Open a new ticket that will take an eternity and a half to be replied? What are your thoughts about it, my fellow vikiers?


I think there isn’t much else you can do other then contacting Viki about this because you cannot remove yourself and if the CM is not doing anything…


Do the coming-soon projects even count? :thinking:


And so we’ll wait…


Yes. They are showing and adding up to the number


That’s totally unfair.


And movies are counting, too!


Should coming soon tv shows or movies be counted as ongoing incomplete projects? They haven’t even aired or episodes have not been uploaded yet so how come it is our fault :disappointed:

The coming soon projects should be public ONLY if they are REALLY going to be uploaded within 2 weeks at most. They better not be categorized as “coming soon” if they are going to take months for us to work on them.

The coming soon section is a new thing Viki has to take care of. It will cause issues in the current number of roles.


But what if the opposite happens? I mean with moderators that never finished the projects they wrote us after years that please withdraw them from moderation so they can take new projects that never finished again?
We have to withdraw them or let them like moderators even if the drama isn’t available in their region?


Anyone who ask me to be removed from a project I’ll remove from the project. Life happens, and even if they just want to jump into a new project to be unfinished, what would I gain not letting them leave? At least this way the role will be open for a new mod that actually wants to work on that project.