New Dramas!

I have been browsing around in viki and I have been checking in viki and I have been favoriting one too many channels. The storylines for the summer/autumn seasons are really good!
I don’t know if anyone has been searching as much as myself but I can’t wait for some dramas like:

Trot Lovers
Fated to love you
Plus nine boys
the three musketeers
Hi School Love On

and some Taiwanese dramas
In between
A good wife
and Shenzhen

I really think I look forward to these and I can’t wait to finish watching dramas that began!

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I agree, personally the one I’m really looking forward to is Hi School love on - Infinite!!! (the first Kpop group I knew all the members’ names off - thank you variety shows)

There’s fated to love you as well but not really at the same time. I’m curious to see how Korea will do the Taiwanese drama justice (never finished it, but loved what I did see)
and honestly I wish Choi Min Hyuk was the main lead (I don’t want to go through a heart breaking second lead syndrome… again)

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i want to see trot lovers,and the mermaid!

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Marriage, not dating, Is my favorite of the new dramas.

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I was thinking about trot but I would have to start it after ramadan. :frowning:
Since you have to know the beat of the music and not just mute most music parts.

Oooo and @Niennavalar is that a good drama??? I will for sure keep it on the list to get watching. Its just I don’t know I think this summer/fall drama line is better then last year! I really like these dramas!

@MusicROSE I’m an inspirit and I think that I have high hopes for Hi! School, Love on! Hehe i just finished episode 1 and I just wanted to continue ( totally forgot it was still on only episode 1)! And for fated to love you it’s one of them dramas which i don’t want to watch because i’m scared it will make me hate it. I really fell in love with the taiwanese version but a korean version… I hope they don’t kill it!

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That’s the reason I’m not going to start watching it yet, I can not handle the waiting if I know how much i’m going to love the drama (I’ve broken that rule before, didn’t turn out well- especially during exam time)
I doubt they’ll do Fated to love you badly, but I’m hoping for the same thing - please don’t ruin this drama Korea

I said the same about another drama. I wont watch it till it is almost near the end… Yeah right like that happened I kept going crazy mid-week but I am surviving. Lol. I can’t just not watch Aaron In fall in love with me!

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I love it!!! The only bad thing is having to wait till every friday for new episodes, for is a weekend drama so is also a plus

The new bunch of Dramas are quite enjoyable. I didn’t think I would like ‘Trot Lovers’ but it has me hooked. Had to check out ‘Fated to Love you’ just like you I am interested to see how the Korean version does it’s own special thing with the story, liking it a lot so far. ‘Marriage not dating’ is great fun. The new one just started ‘Temptation’ started off well and I love the cast, was so looking forward to this one. The only Taiwan one I’m watching is ‘Lovestore on the corner’ My favourite is by far ‘Glorious Day’ it’s a long one and was almost not going to start it but glad I did, super cast, loving it a lot. So I have my whole week of dramas sorted now, two running monday & tuesday, ‘You’re all surrounded’ finishing up tonight so only one left for Wednesday & Thursday, one for Friday & Saturday and finally one for Saturday & Sunday. Am I an addict? think so…

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I did stick with it to the end MusicROSE, only had one criticism of the Taiwan original it was too long they dragged it out unnecessarily maybe because it was so popular at the time. I tend to prefer the Korean dramas so keeping my fingers crossed that they do it justice and make some subtle changes to make it their own. Will keep in touch to see how you and others think of it.

Thank You I didn’t start ‘lovestore on the corner’ but the one drama i really liked and hoped to get licensed was first kiss. I opened it with hopes but never worked out. It’s a really good drama. I don’t have a set schedule for my week with all the work i do outside viki but one thing for sure is kids knocked out and Im on viki!

But to be honest, pretty much every t-drama is like that - I think I’ve started like every good tdrama out there, but somehow I never finish because it starts of really good, but then for some reason it starts getting draggy and a real chore to just finish - the ones I did finish (like 3 or4) it was really difficult to do

The NightWatchman is my current fave!!! Though I really enjoyed Fated to Love You I’m looking forward to the Korean remake of Liar Game no idea who is going to be cast though :frowning: