New here. Please help me

I’m new here and I have lots of stuff that I don’t understand so please help me if you can! I’ve been wondering what exactly do Channel Managers and Moderators do. Like what are English Moderators? And all languages moderators? I know how to subtitle and segment but do I start subtitling immediately or do I have to wait? and do I have to comment something before I start? And do editors check if the subtitles are right? I’m really confused here ._.

Shi Min.

Hi Shi Min! Channel Managers work with Viki to set up a channel for a drama or a movie and manage the channel. A Moderator manages the work that is being done (segmenting and subtitling) on a channel. I’m an English moderator for the Korean drama, Basketball. I just monitor the work that’s being done for the English subtitles. I keep track of the work and make edits if they’re needed.

Before you start subtitling, you need to contact the Channel Manager and ask to be a part of the team. If you click on PROJECTS here, you might be able to find a project to work on.

If you have trouble finding a project at first, start by segmenting or subbing the entertainment news clips.

Thank you for taking the time to explain this to Shi Min. It was very helpful to me as well.

Yes, thank you so much @kaetee ! It helped me a lot :slight_smile:

Hi there. There are a lot of duties attached to the English moderators position. Would be back to answer your question about what each team member does. I don’t have time now to go into complete detail .However, by tomorrow I would post on here again. Cheers!

Gah. It’s long… I always aim to be concise, but it never seems to work out >.>

Manager/moderator duties also tend to vary from channel to channel, but I can share my experience/observations with it. There might be a set of things that have become the norm on some channels, but I’m definitely still figuring it out as I go. I think the manager would make clear what they expect of you as a moderator (or whatever else), or at least have some discussion about it though.

Managers (often) start up a channel are like the head of the channel. If there needs to be contact with Viki, they’re usually the one to take on that responsibility.
The manager chooses or approves moderators (among other positions). I think managers also end up picking up responsibilities that no one else ends up taking. And from that, manager and moderator duties sort of overlap.

Generally speaking, I’d think each language moderator is in charge of subbing and other things related to the language they’re moderating. They find translators, editors, etc. for their language and make sure subs get done well. And for me, they’re the bridge between manager/moderator and subbers (or segmenters), relaying info and updates, etc.

From what I’ve seen, most languages have one or two language mods, with the exception of English moderators. Sometimes it’s because there are also moderators that check segmenting as well as mods monitoring translations. Sometimes you have mods in charge of channel games or other things. And mods also probably watch out for abusers on the channel.

Moving on. With editors, it sort of depends on who the editor is. Often times, there can be someone who’s just fluent in the language they’re editing (e.g. English) - making sure spelling and grammar is right. They also make sure names are consistent across episodes.
But then you also have editors who are fluent in the original language and the language they’re editing. Then, presumably, they’d check for correctness in translations too - at least somewhat. Some editors also end up doing some spot translating (or filling in blanks that translators missed).

I know you didn’t ask about translating and segmenting per se, but I’d just like to throw it out there. If you plan to help segment, you should be able to do it well (and if necessary, in a timely manner). Similarly, if you plan to help translate, you should be fluent or at least have a good grasp of both languages you’re working with.
If you do this stuff well, there’s less time spent editing and fixing, which just makes it easier on everyone involved.

Right so. As a common courtesy, on most channels (unless stated otherwise), I’d say it’s a good idea to contact the channel manager or moderator for your respective language if you’d like to help. And wait for a response before diving in.
A lot of channels will post info about who to contact on the channel wall. And they also post channel rules, etc. So check those out. If you get permissions to help on the channel, you should be briefed on what’s expected of you or at least directed to some guidelines. And if you’re unsure of stuff, definitely ask the managers or mods - it’s part of their role to be there for that stuff.

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Thanks for the explanation. I understand better now :slight_smile: @scircus

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I have no idea if you still want more info on this.O well Off i go

I am a new here woo, and can’t understand how to use it,hope you can help me too,

Thumbs up fpr @scircus… such a good explaination and i think its al there…

I decided to go ahead and write on here even though scircus has given an explanation. Some additional info might be useful. My answer is from an English moderators perspective.

-Manager: The boss of the channel. Submits a channel request to viki and if channel is approved, manages it.Everybody on the team relies on the channel manager to make important decisions and in such decisions the CM is usually the one that has the LAST say.Also,the manager is the only one that can add the language moderators. Additionally, the channel manager can do the work of the other team mates since their role is a complex one.

-English moderators:( my answer for this role would be long since this role is specific to me)

I usually think of the English moderators as the channel managers assistants because they work closely with the manager to keep the channel running smoothly.

**-**Recruits other team members like segmenters, subbers,page designers and other language moderators.

**-**Notifies the segmenters to come segment a video when new episodes are uploaded to the channel.

-Notifies the Subtitlers to come subtitle the episode once the video is completely segmented.
-Monitors for abusers on the channel(The English mod would send pms to abusers telling them to stop the mess they are creating on the channel.)
-Thanks team mates for the work they do on the channel.
-Answers to pms from newbie recruits,viewers and other team mates.
-Orients newbie recruits on their duties. For example, for a newbie subber, I usually would send subbing guidelines and other helpful subbing information so that the new subber can subtitle on the channel effectively.
-An English moderator who is good in segmenting can help edit segments when they are messy.( I usually do NOT edit segments unless the segmenter is new and created segments that were hard for the subbers to work with)
Answers viewers question on each episode comment section.

Note: Please do not think that the English mods are the ones doing all the work. The channel manager actually does more work than them and the English mods gets help from other team mates .

-SEGMENTERS:Creates subtitle boxes for the subbers. The segmenters are important because without the segmenters, there would be no place for the subbers to add subtitles.On some channels there are QC/CHIEF SEGMENTERS:This segmenter is usually very good in segmenting so they are responsible for checking the work of the other segmenters and make corrections to segment errors.

-**SUBTITLERS:**Adds subtitles to the video. They are also pretty important to the team because without them, how are we to understand the various dramas that are in a different language from ours?

-EDITORS: When subtitlers are done subbing,the editors come in and proof read their work.They make corrections by checking for punctuation,spelling and such. The CHIEF EDITOR is usually the one who releases each episode to other language teams.

OTHER LANGUAGE MODERATORS: They usually subtitle the video in their own language.They are the team leaders because they are responsible for organizing the subtitling work among their team mates.

NOTE: Other language teams would only start subtitling when English subs is subtitled and edited @ a 100%

WELL I guess this sums it all up. Goodluck to you



Thanks for the additional info. Really helpful :slight_smile: @chizzygirl

Wow! Since I am a newbie English Editor, this was really very helpful. Thank you! Now if I only had a photographic memory to remember all of these positions. I guess that’s why we can always go back to the discussion group to reread. Thanks for taking the time to do this. It really is helpful for those of us who are new and are “feeling” our way around volunteerism.