New in Viki? Want projects to start? Check the PrOJect Finder

HI, all , in case of new vikians wondering about projects that need help and that you want to start to gain experience you may wanna check this link, viki here lists the projects that need help according to how many subtitles are done, and most of them have VIKI as CHannel Manager so you can freely start. They are some that have Channel Managers and Moderators so for those please contact them before start to belong to the team.

Most of them are from the US but they need English subs in order to be translated in other languages, some are Korean, chinese or from Thailand.
I know most of new subbers want to start in popular and Korean channels, but please start in this channels to gain experience, that would help you a lot before getting in to the big popular dramas.


other link for the same is this, YOU WILL SEE THIS

And in order to help them to find more Please post here in this topic if you have Projects that need and are recruiting NEW subbers for any language! :smiley:

They should still check with the Channel Manager if there is one.

Hi Sensei,

Agree, Yes, that is a must.

Hi, I know this topic is 586 days old, but I have a question. I am currently studying spanish (I’m Italian), and I would like to translate something to practice…Are the projects on Project Finder open to everyone, or I have to contact project managers before starting, as other channels?
I was thinking it would be nice if I look for someone who has the pacience for edit my subtitles and explain me eventual errors…Viki could open some “school” channel with this specific objective.

Ninja Academy is looking for very proficient writers of Italian for the very reason you are experiencing. We don’t have an experienced, proficient, writer of Italian as a sensei yet. You must proficient or close enough that a teacher could get you to proficiency in edits and subtitles. Unfortunately, it takes 3-7 years to become fluent and proficient in writing just for the English language. Most people would not want to spend that many years to teach another person proficiency in language. However, there would have been a place to go to get certified as a solid editor and subtitler in a language and for specialized training for viki edits and subtitles.

I am really sorry. I do understand how hard it is and people are not always kind when mistakes are made, sometime even mean as my experience was when I first started.
I was proficient at English and was lucky enough to get picked up by someone, ijustlove you, who helped me know the rules. You may wish to read the English guidelines at Ninja Academy:

These guidlines written by ijustloveyou can be of some help when subtitling and editing in other languages as well, but not all of it applies since languages are different.