New inbox look?


I just checked my Viki inbox and it’s like the picture below. Is it a new appearance or something that needs fixing? Does anyone else have the same issue?


What is your problem?

I looked around a bit and got to know its not only inbox but that got the entire make over.


Not exactly a problem. More like a question about how my inbox looks like the picture above.

Ah, okay. Maybe it’s a new appearance.

Well in the past months there have been many changes on the inbox and as far as we were informed the work on the inbox is not completed.


Okay, thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Your inbox looks the same as mine for the last couple of months.

But what’s new for me is that they rearranged some stuff and on the same upper band (menu) put together:

  • Inbox
  • Perks
  • Community Resources (contributing pages)
  • and finally (!) Discussions (the right one, link to this forum).

I feel this might sort of be a beginning of having our own pages for volunteers, gathering all the info and help in one place, especially important for new volunteers.


Was the layout of inbox recently changed?
I like the new interface even if the changes are minimal.

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yup, it’s changed for me too!

I only see a little difference on the top of the page.

A bigger change came a while ago, when the colour changed from blue and purple to white … :frowning:

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Woo! Indeed - has been updated with a new navigation bar, along with an icon for inbox sitting on it (previously only available via the dropdown from your profile avatar). :slight_smile: This is to support what’s to come in the future!


It’s much better this way. Thanks!

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