NEW Interface won't let me add timed comments any more

VIKI got a facelift and now I can no longer add timed comments. I type my comments in the comment box but when I post it doesn’t show up period. Also the text on the post button is red. and the text box itself has a red line running through it. I’ve tried different browsers, removing cookies…etc…I subscribed to VIKI because it allowed me to add timed comments. It’s a huge part of my enjoyment of the drama. Is it because I’m in Canada? Very disappointed. I find myself thinking why bother with the subscription, I may as well go back to Dramafever where the video quality is a touch better. Am I the only one this is happening to?

Same here. Also, when you go into full screen and leave it messes the browser up too. I’m assuming they are working on a new player. The first time last night timed comments only showed up when I was not in full screen.

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Hi lorradear_56!

Thank you for your feedback, I’m Dhruv a product manager at Viki. Please be assured that currently any timed comments you add are being added to our system but just aren’t being shown after you add them immediately. We have taken feedback from users like you seriously and will be tweaking the updated timed comments to show the comments you have added immediately after adding them. This change should be completed in the next few days. You will then see that after adding your comment it shows up immediately. Stay tuned for the fix in the new few days.


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Thank you so much for your timely response. I will wait patiently while Viki continues to make their enjoyable product better than it already is. On my end I’ll continue to reset my browsers

for the last couple of days, timed comments not working on some videos it does not auto play the next episode.