New licenses coming soon, are there enough volunteers to cover that?

I went to look for upcoming dramas and found a lot, I can’t say, if they all will be available everywhere, or if 'a minor number of them will come with subtitles. As far as I can tell it’s only one of the major broadcasters who brings them on, and those dramas will only have English subtitles as well. So at the very last it still looks like there will be a lot to do.

But still at the moment there are dramas on air (in numbers):

Korean 17 (Some just ended this week, still counting)
Chinese 7
Taiwan 1
Japan - no on air drama channels

Coming soon:

Korean 16
Chinese 17
Taiwan 1
Japan 8

This doesn’t include dramas, who got uploaded not to long ago with late licenses.

Wouldn’t this schedule need some “recruiting” of volunteers?
It’s no longer 6 dramas a week in Korean and Chinese, when one is ending the next one starts.
How will it be possible to keep volunteers and viewers happy? When the most comments they get is the truly “uncreative” question - “Where are the subtitles?” And that is the polite version …

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So they do get Clean with a passion which is too cute! And Sky Castle, I was planning to marathon that elsewhere but now I wait for Viki subs.

About the enough volunteers thing… I said yes to I don’t remember how many drama so I’m not sure how many projects I had planned working on will overlap but I told a few that I might not be able to help a lot so that’s okay.

I saw about 3 or 4 Kdrama are managed by Viki staff…

17 new Chinese dramas? More than Korean? Could that be?

Am I under the wrong impression that there are less “Chinese” volunteers than “Korean”? :worried:

“Tears in Heaven” has been coming soon FOR A YEAR almost and no real time of airing is announced yet. Maybe there are others like that on the list, too. Some of these also have already been aired. Not that it matters, because as soon as the episodes get uploaded to Viki, people are going to ask for suuuubs.

@lutra, who is the broadcaster with English subs only?

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It would be good, if they would not always write coming soon, when it’s not coming soon.
One movie I had, was 7 months in the coming soon section :frowning:


Yes it’s so annoying and now I don’t apply for old stuff anymore.

I got the beauty inside movie like half a year before they uploaded it and they also uploaded earlier then they said before and it also came presubbed/segged. So I had to ask Viki again if we could edit it as that’s not always allowed. It was so stupid I found out by a PM from an other volunteer that it was uploaded earlier… shouldn’t Viki keep us updated and tell us when they upload it instead?!

I had so many people PMing me for all kinds of positions for months but I had no idea what to do with most of them because I didn’t know if we even needed subbers, seggers etc…

I had to look up what dramas I watched last year, it weren’t that much. But right now I only found one SHOULD WE KISS FIRST is a SBS drama. SBS dramas are not that many I think, at least I always think it’s MBC and SBS dramas that I miss the opportunity to watch the most, not to mention the" private/cable" broadcasters. There was a link on the main page.

I can only imagine. I get a bit angry whenever Viki states “We appreciate …” I would rather they could “consider” that it is not as easy as everyone would think, when they happen to click on the join the community page. There is a lot to think about and yet a present a year and all is good. I would give up on any present, if everything else was fine.

Sometimes I just think they are not aware. Or let’s say I hope they are not aware because the other option would not be so nice. It would mean, it always worked out somehow.

To be able to plan ahead is really impossible unless you have an airing date.

From the soon to come channels it is one with channel manager “Viki Community” and one without CM for now, but all others have an appointed CM. There is at least 1 CM, who has 2 channels now.

Dramas with only English subtitles

so my guess this one will be only English subtitle channel as well

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Then the mystery is solved. Good to know. Thanks! :slight_smile:

@lutra I can’t recheck now but I believe the CM with 2 channels is a staffer too. Or it is someone else, she had a staff badge on her profile. The wall looked like a Viki community managed channel but not Viki community as CM.

You are right, I just checked the account, there is a staff badge and the account has 4 channels of the upcoming dramas (2 fresh ones, 2 already aired ones).