New Style of moderating Viki's main page of a show's comments

Something is seriously off with the way comments are moderated.
Does Viki still want honest comments?
Is Viki only seeking “I like” comments?
Has the purpose of the main page, for commenting on a show changed?
Are all color of people really welcomed?
Do you feel welcomed?
Is there a proper :bridge_at_night: bridge, :bridge_at_night: from a show’s main page (for comments), to the discussions :yarn:threads :thread:on Viki?
Share your experience here.


Wow , I honestly haven’t noticed about the honest comments because its rare to find a negative comment but I think you may be right about them being moderated. I enjoy participating in Viki discussions and being apart of the community , however there may not be a proper bridge from a show’s main page to Viki discussions. I think I have been welcomed by a lot of people from the Viki community , however there have been people who were not nice and not welcoming on Viki. I have no if idea people of color are truly welcomed anywhere , we just to make ourselves and each other welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. What do you think? Are members of the Viki community being mistreated against because of racism?
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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. What do you think? Are members of the Viki community being mistreated against because of racism?
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Well, we usually don’t know whether someone is a person of color or not anyway…all we see is a display picture and username. I’ve never seen anyone here being judged or hated because of their color…it also against Viki guidelines to hate or spread hate. I’m also classified under “people of color”, but I never really think of my race while interacting with people here. Online, we’re all just faceless fangirls/fanboys, that’s what I think. The way you interact is how people know you as you and respond.
I’ve worked with teams and been trained by volunteers whose race/color/gender/whatever else didn’t matter, we all just helped each other out even while being total strangers.
Did you feel unwelcome here because someone was rude to you because of your color?


I am really sorry @loveurself_melanin if you were ever ever mistreated on Viki just because of your outer appearance.
From the very first day I saw you here, I instantly loved your profile picture. It’s really cute and sweet.

But I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone discriminating another. May be because our world’s at Viki are different. But through anonymous accounts, no one can figure out which race one belongs to until and unless they themselves say what their race is.

No one will know where I am from until I tell I am from India, no one will know what language I speak or how old am I until I reveal it myself.

I’ve always felt welcomed at Viki especially here at Discussions, just except for one time but that could be because I was over-voicing my opinion. I felt I should leave Viki because I am “new” and let the “old” people do whatever they’ve been doing but I still made it and right now, I am doing pretty well.

To me, main page of a show is just the description of the show, the cast, Soompi news and that’s it. The other “interesting” things about the show, community wall, volunteer team, reviews, comments are hidden. And now thinking about it, why exactly is the volunteer team called “Subtitle team”, segmentors are also working there and without them, we can’t even start our job.


This can never be counted out, since racism is so systemic on a global scale.

Good observation, I missed that :blush:


I met one rude person on Viki a few months ago , and I don’t if you noticed but I took a break from Viki discussions because of it. And omg I missed talking to y’all :sob: , I honestly don’t know if that person was truly racist or maybe they were having a bad day. But they knew I was a person of color , at that point I did feel unwelcomed but not anymore because>>>

@shraddhasingh Thank you :grinning: , I agree with what you said too


Ouch! That scene from W pops right up :see_no_evil:


LOL stop , those scenes were so scary :rofl:


Not sure what you mean here. Are you asking if certain members of the Viki community are being stereotyped by other members due to ethnic background?

Or are you asking if all Asian members of the Viki community are being harassed by individuals who pay that little bit extra each month to gain access to discussions and end up abusing the privilege?

Or what exactly?

I obvs am not an Asian person nor do I play one on a YouTube reality show, though I have had fantasies of trying to convince people I am Ainu.

(They are tall people by and large, and I would look lovely in Ainu clothing.)

I also come from a cultural background that does not perceive forcefully stating opinions in public as a negative.

Attacking character in public is definitely a cultural no-no for me, and sometimes it is hard to tell, when all you have is words and no body language cues, whether someone is offering an opinion or trying to slit a throat. However, for the most part, I expect Viki discussions outside of those about rom-coms to be energetic and hard-hitting.

When you get smart people from ALL over the world chiming in on ALL sorts of topics, of course things are going to . . . get lively?

Obviously there are people who take part in specialized discussions or who introduce specialized topics and then seem to get upset because people not well-versed in those topics “butt” in and offer opinions. But I generally chalk it up to nervousness or being young and intense.

I have never “heard” in discussions the kind of flat-out rude and truly insensitive comments found in the timed comments for different shows (comments I turned off a LLLLLOOONNG time ago).

If somebody has a problem with comments I make in a discussion, I have no problem apologizing. It’s how I was raised. Also, common sense tells me that, if I have triggered and upset someone in a discussion without knowing why, it is dumb to act as if I am more triggered and offended.

Generally, I would say that I have not noticed (within the Viki community) any one being what I would call racist, but people “overtalking” about issues of concern to Asian people, and Asian culture fans . . . oh, yeah, there’s plenty of that, and I would find the Viki community deadly dull and boring without it.


Yes, I was asking if you ever noticed anyone being mistreated or stereotyped because of racism.

Lol , thank you for replying and I have to agree with most of what you said about being lively when people from all over discuss. And I just googled what Ainu was LOL. The people seemed to have an interesting culture , I can see why you fantasize about that :rofl:.

Wait , are people doing that?

@misswillowinlove @vivi_1485 @shraddhasingh I enjoy being apart of the Viki community and I want to protect it . :star_struck:


Missed you too! :yellow_heart:


Same :sweat_smile: I agree with @misswillowinlove here:

It’s hard to gauge whether a person is being intentionally rude or not. Something one user says could be perceived differently by someone else.
I remember my own hard times and am grateful for those who put extra effort into welcoming newbies, so I try to do the same with others :sweat_smile:

Though it’s hard to keep track of the many usernames, I do remember you and some others who I don’t see here anymore and wonder where they disappeared.


I’ve experienced a lot of “under review” on my posted comments. I know there is a e-bot shifting through all comments. But, this is happening way too often, considering I’ve literally cut way back on posting comments on shows I watch. I do so rarely, now that each episode comments is gone. Hence my question, if the purpose for the main page comments has changed?


I am very new to the the Viki discussions and I rarely read comments, so I can’t really speak on that. From the comments I have read, it seems that they are heavily moderated. There have been live comments that are hateful towards people of color. There’s also some really nasty stuff in reviews too. However, just because I haven’t personally witnessed it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Hateful people always pop up everywhere I visit to talk about dramas like Reddit and MDL so I’m sure Viki is no exception. I’m really sorry that someone made you feel unwelcome here but I’m glad that you are back🥰


I don’t get it. Isn’t this why heavy moderation was introduced? Covid-19 and real-world issues deleted? The Community asked for this. I made my own inquiry last year. And people didn’t like the old discussions. They like it when mods intervene. And if the Community is OK with these changes, then so am I. That’s my official stance.


We do want moderating, but we would like it done without a feeling of being unwelcomed. This leads to asking other hard questions.


As you may have noticed I am not involving myself that much in broader discussions these days, because I fear I can’t stay devoted to the topic. It takes up more time for me to carefully chose my words not to be misunderstood.

Like others I had nice and not as nice experiences in comment sections and discussions. Looking back I had to go to my profile I am here more or less since September 2013.

So let’s just start with comments in general, the Viki’s main page. I knew it back in the days when it was still part of the Viki structure - or would you rather say embedded in Viki, or still viikii. Back then we sometimes had an issue with “shit storms”. To contact Viki was pure luck, so most of the time all we could do was having up to 10 people burying the comments with ours until the other side got tired and gave up. The reason for “shit storms” well, for most of them we just thought the person must have been pretty bored.

Discriminating? Well possible, but less racism as a matter of fact you would hardly be able to tell the color of the skin of others. But we experienced that if someone’s nationality would transpire some people used it to “argue”.

Today’s main page comments I do no longer care. The last time an issue came up and I could neither see nor write a comment, because I am not using a disqus account. I just let it be, I have written too often to Viki, because after updates or whatever comments simply vanished on me.

The irony Viki once started a reward for certain volunteers and I became Commenter of the Year 2015, at least I think it was that year … 10 000- 15 000 comments that I wrote helping people out, or answering to questions, keeping up their mood while waiting for subtitles … It was a different time back then.

Anyway with outsourcing the comments to disqus, things got worse and more complicated at the start but now I as I didn’t consent to the last cookies because I didn’t see an option to stay away from fb and co. I don’t use them, so why would I like to give my data, although I am sure, there is some page I am using that will give them my data anyway …

That is another topic, well … Back to square one, racism no, nationalism came up a few times, but all in all Viki is a broad community and most of the people enjoy the exchange with others and do not come here with the mindset to ignore or harass people that are different from them.

Before discussions’ new regulations we sometimes had “heated” discussions about this and that, many topics are now taboo, but well - it is as it is. I still miss it because it often gave a chance to look beyond the fence.

In Germany we often say “Das Leben ist bunt / Life is colorful”, so I grew up with kids in elementary school from different backgrounds, mixed races, other nationalities, for me, it is normal and even if the number of different nationalities in my hometown increased I do not feel offended or threatened by them, but I know people who have certain fears, and it is hard to talk them out of it.

If I forgot something feel free to ask, as I just wrote it down and did not have the time to proofread it.


Your words describes the Viki fan base, and brings a calm.

Once the comment is tagged for moderator review, it certainly goes missing. Ha! :smile: I discovered my first such tagged comment hanging out in the none disqus member/Viki comments :laughing: tagged for review. I too am not a disqus member.