New Subbers?


Sooooo, I know when I was a new subber, I was completely lost. Luckily, the community was really friendly and I know a lot of friends (I wish they were, they’re awesome people though) that helped me along the way. But I was really confused at first and I thought it would’ve been nice if there was a guide that could’ve helped me out on the beginning. (Like not for how to sub a project, there are a ton of cool vids viki has for that.) No, like how to find a project. If anyone’s a new subber and wants help, then please copy and paste the link to your profile and write ‘new subber’ below so someone can DM you privately on viki (so we don’t blow up this topic, lol) and if any older members remember when they were a rookie and wants to help someone else, please copy and paste their link to their profile and write ‘helper’. (If it turns out there was already something like this, then I am going to die in a hole XD.


Helper :slight_smile:

Helper for Polish subber… :woozy_face:


New French subber :scream:


Chinese/Cantonese - English subber/TE and vice versa or even as a General Editor


Helper for German Subber


Helper for Hindi subbers or anything in general.


Still new myself but willing to help Korean-English subbers.



I’m not really new subber but I honestly have a tough schedule which deserve me for translation. Anyway, I have plenty of time actually and would be glad to help for translations from english to french !
So let me know if you need some help :slight_smile:

I am available to segment or translate.
I can translate from English to French or Portuguese


Hi, it’s so nice to offer help, but (and I’m so sorry to ask) could you put the link to your profile? Just if anyone wants to reach out to you privately (since you can’t really search for users on viki. At least not that I know of). Sorry again and thanks for offering to help. :slight_smile:


It’s actually quite easy. Write “” and then copy her nickname “aqualumy” and past after /users/. and here you are


That’s true, but some people have a (slightly) different username on their regular Viki account than here on the Discussion section and some don’t have a regular Viki account (yet) at all, so in those cases that method doesn’t work.

New subber- available to segment or do subtitles at anytime
From English to Spanish


new subber :slight_smile: english, spanish and korean.


Hii :blush:
I don’t understand why there are two different accounts?
Also I tried to make both as one but it has them as two still :thinking:
To be brutaly honest, I’ve subtitled here long years ago, stopped and just made it back! I don’t understand tons of things but I’m trying. I just feel so lost at times and there’s no where to have the answers right in the open.
So thanks, big time, for bringing up this topic! :heart::heart::heart:


helper for hindi subtitles …:grinning:

New Portuguese subber ^-^


New English editor! cdemaagd_120


New Chinese to Eng subber