New subs customizing 😮


Did you try any combinations already? What do you think? I like the yellow colour with black background.

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I tried strawberry subs with dark chocolate cookies!
But haven’t got time to watch one ep with this setting yesterday… just wanted to check no bug because these days are unstable and then fall asleep xd

Ohh how funky… did play a little :sweat_smile: :joy: :

Nah I don’t think I will use it a lot but it’s nice for the people who kept asking for bigger subs.


I don’t think I’ll ever use those. Waaay too intrusive.

This might come in handy when translating signs and overall written stuff. Could make it easier for the viewer to distinguish it from spoken sub.

Edit: Oh, no, this is only when viewing, not subbing? Totally less interesting then.