New video player issue: subtitles aren't formatted

Hi ^^
I searched if anyone had the same issue but didn’t find anything so here it is… New topic!

I was editing (and formatting subs) and wanted to check how the subtitles were rendered for the viewers. When I clicked on the episode, the new video player opened. Beside the fact that I was completely lost (another topic), a little surprise was awaiting me:

All the content that was formatted to render in italic was not. The < i > tag doesn’t work. I tried the < em > tag just in case. But again, nothing.

Does anyone have the same issue ?

FYI: I’m using Chrome. When I use Safari, I get the old video player where everything is displayed correctly.


It’s not working for me on Google Chrome either.
(Bad memory here, I don’t remember whether that was or not the case when the new vid player was first launched)

We can always contact Viki bugs and issues to inform them about it so they can put them back: