New Viki Subtitling Community page & Get Started button


I noticed this new page of Viki Subtitling Community (just click on Community next to “Watch History” on the top blue bar)
And if we are new volunteers, we can click on a red button called “Get started button”, we meet this page

So I don’t know how it works ? Can someone who did it can tell us what it is ?

And I noticed something has changed on Project Finder too :
When I click on my icon on the right top, then on Preferences, it shows me this page

And I ticked “I want to be a volunteer” and saved but I don’t know what are the consequences ?

It’s my first time seeing the stuff mentioned in the first half of your post, so I’m curious to know what that is as well.

As for the second part, what it does is it makes you show up in the “Volunteer Finder”. Sometimes CMs and moderators will use the Volunteer Finder to recruit team members. I usually only use it as a last resort because most of the Arabic subbers that come up on it have been inactive for years!

I guess the form in the first part might be an effort on Viki’s part to try and make the tool more useful. It would help filter out people who are inactive/ only contributed for a short period.


Hey @youraverageangel,

I saw this Self-Evalution form before, but it wasn’t linked to “Get started to contribute”. So any new volunteers who want to begin from now on are asked to fill out this form first and… mystery. Do they have a test after or I don’t know.

Oh I see, it’s for listing us on Volunteer Finder. I thought that we were automatically listed when we begin to contribute xd But in my opinion, people won’t think about ticking “Not this time” instead of “I want to volunteer”, so it doesn’t work really well. And years ago, did they have this option because old members who are not active anymore might never came back to change it.
It’s a pity that this Volunteer Finder wall doesn’t work as it was supposed to be.


Hey~! How have you been?

If it worked, life would be so much easier. Instead, most QCs just contact their friends/past team members and ask for help, and most of us are usually overworked. I really wish there was an easier way to get new subbers involved and get them to stick around.


@youraverageangel (this individual reply button doesn’t work anymore xd)

Hey good and you ? How’s your life ? I had much to do in studies and other projects on Viki. It’s keeping me busy : )

I didn’t know that you guys weren’t many Arabic subtitlers.

I know that if you do your coverpage, add a big banner recruiting announcement (highlight, glitter, gif, nice pic…) just at the beginning of the cover to inform them that you are looking for Arabic subtitlers and that anyone who has never tried on Viki can (and add your conditions if you have more) and that they can contact you. Try to have a nice message ?

I know that thanks to that, I added 2 new people asking me, saying that they saw my pink recruitment banner xd so it works sometimes.
And if you think that they can help you in other dramas, just ask them if they want to join in other dramas too ? I did it on some shows and it worked too.

What I think is if a cover page explains sincerely most of the things to viewers, it can help us in a good way. When the cover page shows an Attention sign popping for example saying that they shouldn’t segment if they don’t know the rules of segmentation and that anyone can learn at nssa or seg101, I don’t know if it was just pure luck because it’s not popular, or if they did read my cover page but I didn’t have inappropriate segments anymore for 2 weeks now, while having unlocked segments for all episodes (but now it’s locked).

But sometimes, it doesn’t work if they don’t read the cover page, nor team notes.

I don’t know if it could be possible to add a recruitment proposition on timed comments or on comments until you don’t need to recruit anymore ?

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The instructions on the Find a Project page:

They don’t mention asking the Moderator first! Why can’t they add this simple sentence?

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I was just about to say something similar.

Here’s what pops up on bottom of the first page of Subtitling Community:

Notice how for Moderators it never says to send a request to the CM? And how on the Subtitlers section it says to send a request to the CM instead to the Mod of a given language?

Are the rules changing or the person who wrote this doesn’t know the community rules?

I must insist on this, because that’s what got me and other people I know in trouble in the beginning. Let’s prevent misunderstandings on time!


But otherwise I think this is the right way to go, changing this page. Doing some good work there, Viki. :slight_smile:

I used to be on volunteer finder but it seems as soon I became a QC my name disappeared, perhaps due to this new system but that would be over 2 years ago??

this has been discussed in past!! There are no clear directions, only in each drama box it show an email icon and “contact channel manager” but why it’s not really clear, I think this is still a poorly designed place.

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