Newbie in the community

Hello everyone!

I am new on this portal and wanted to say hello to you all. :hugs:
I am into K-Dramas since 2018 and I am using Viki also since 2018, but I never had a look
into the community. I just enjoyed the Drama I watched, wrote a few comments and thats it. But now I really want to be a part of this community :see_no_evil:
Also I am a new subber! Do you have any tips for me? I am translating from english to german. :blush:

Sending you all greetings and hope to have good, intrasting and funny discussions here :hugs:


A fellow viewer welcomes you!

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Just wanted to welcome you ^.^

My tip is: find a couple of websites that have the “official” or most common translations for specialized words from English to your language - this helps a lot when you are working on dramas that use sets of specialized words, like medical, historical or sports dramas for example.

It also helps to agree on one translation for certain terms with other team members, so it’s consistent throughout the drama :smiley:


Thank you very much! I will have look and try to find those websites. :blush:

Herzlich Willkommen :rose:

Persönlich finde ich es wichtig, die Essenz beizubehalten und es gleichzeitig so zu formulieren, dass es im Deutschen natürlich klingt und sich gut liest, also nicht wörtlich alle Satzteile so übertragen, wie es im Englischen steht.

I’d also suggest to read @irmar s guide how to write good subtitles. The core aspects of her guide count for any language.

Enjoy your time here :sunny:


Hallo! :hugs:

Danke für deinen Tipp! Werde mich gleich mal daransetzten :blush:

You will find many resources, not only by me but from other people, on the bottom of my profile page. Scroll past the drama thumbnails and you’ll find them.


Welcome aboard :steam_locomotive:
I hope you’ll have a great time :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!

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Heyy, thank you! :see_no_evil:

you won;'t regret it. just enjoy

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