No Channel manager or Volunteers for Switch Girl!

I was browsing through Viki and I noticed that “Switch Girl!!” has no team at all. No Channel manager, moderators, or volunteer.

Edit: I don’t want to be a channel manager, but I might become the Arabic Moderator for this drama, but I have lot of projects now. I just wrote this because I thought it was strange that this show had not channel manager or moderators.

i think it is open for who ever wants to sub it, since theres no one to ask, i think u can do it.
although i noticed its not even subbed in english (one episode only) and i dont even think its segmented… so unless u speak japanese i guess itll be hard :grin:

It looks like Viki just added a handful of Japanese dramas to the site.

From my experience with Chinese dramas, when Viki gets a new batch of shows, they’ll send a message to people who have managed or worked on similar shows before to get a team started. I think someone could also just “apply” to manage via Viki Support, but by the time you get a response, it’s possible the team might have already gotten going.

I would just give it a week or two, and managers will probably be in place.

Edit: I thought you were a Japanese translator. The first episode said 90% something but it was actually only segmented a little and the segmenter translated that much of his own segments. Episode 1 is actually at 15%. If you know anyone that wants to translate it then that would be great. :wink:

I went ahead and finished segmenting Episode one. So hopefully you can start translating cherrypie94? You shouldn’t have any trouble accessing the Subtitles. It’s not closed atm. If you have any questions or need me to do Episode 2, just send me a message on if you can. I don’t get on ‘Discussion’ that much.

well its very easy to become the channel manager of a drama you simply pm Kris_o and tell her which drama are you interested in becoming the channel manager. Usually after a couple of days she will answer you positively and she will make you the CM.If by chance you don’t know how or you don’t have the confidence to manage a channel yourself, you can always recruit possible manager here in discussions.

Nice list Xomachi. Those look like some really nice Japanese dramas. Reminds me of how I got into watching subtitled dramas. Later on I discovered Korean dramas. lol.

Ohh nice I really miss watching Jdrama at times… I discovered Kdrama after Jdrama too. Let’s follow a few to (re)watch later.

I would like to help subtitle and/or segment switch girl. How do I get started? I can’t click on it right now, it looks weird and buttons don’t work

The channel seems to have a Channel Manager now. Here is link to the channel and the CM profile page. I think most pages now load images.