No Channel Manager

Hello !
I’ve just watched a short movie and really enjoyed it . I’d like to translate it to Arabic language , so i searched many times but there was no channel manager or any Arabic moderator so what should i do ? can i just start translating or what ? :smile:

If Viki is the only channel manager (check the vlolunteer tab) and there is no team stated on the community wall you can just start subbing. If there is an other channel manager then Viki PM that person.

Unfortunately there’s no channel manager at all !
I checked the volunteer tab , there’s no channel manager or any moderator , there’s only 6 volunteers .so what should i do ?

You can just start subbing then. :smiley:

That’s strange… maybe a channel manager removed him/herself from the channel and then you see no one listed.
What you also can do is ask Viki if you can be the manager of that channel, if you like to do that that is.

Thanks a lot for your help :smile:

I don’t know , maybe this is what happened .
So , i’ll send a message to Viki and see what happens , Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

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Hi @Farah_Abida, what’s the name of the movie you want to be the Channel Manager for?

A channel with no manager at all is very odd. I actually think that’s a bug as it shouldn’t happen! Let us know what the Channel is and we’ll take a look :slight_smile: