No new k-drama like advertised?

I was seeing ads and such for new k-drama being added every day or etc… yet when looking for new 2018 titles like this one Life On Mars (2018) or etc… no where to be found? Any reason why viki hasn’t gotten Life On Mars (2018) etc… new on like Netflix constantly adds new stuff even the newest of new dramas

darksword, I am saying the same thing, but no responses, not just Kdramas, the rest of them too. I see dramamania and all those ads, and nothing here, some on Netflix, couple on DF

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check out ghost detective on the KOCOWA not a bad start


LOM is a remake of a western show and they don’t tend to get licensed outside Asia (the Mistresses remake is the only exception, probably because it was so different from the original?).

And like frustratedwriter already mentioned Viki got some big competition with DF, NF & Kocowa (counts too since some shows of them are not available here and a lot of dramas don’t get a license for regions outside the Americas).

KOCOWA doesn’t seem to work in Australia, which sucks, but Viki still should be getting better from what ads show, as I used to be VIP, but even Netflix had the dramas I was looking for