No subtitles on Roku for weeks

I have submitted two help tickets, the last one 10 days ago, and have yet to receive any kind of response what-so-ever and I dont know where else to go but here.
My subtitles suddenly disappeared weeks ago and nothing I have done has brought them back. I am on the Viki Premium Pass. I have rebooted all my devices and logged in an out and still no subtitles for any shows when viewing on my TV with Roku. I can see subtitles when viewing any shows on my computer.
Can somebody please help me out with this? I am going to get billed 10 bucks again on the 6th and I cant watch Viki on my TV. Watching TV on this computer is impossible so if something isnt done soon, I am going to have to cancel my account.



Have you tried to ask on the community forum for bugs and issues?

They provide a faster answer.

I could read a post about roku recently but it was about log in so I suppose not everyone has the same problem on roku at the moment.

I really hope this is a g;itch, but for some reason, this evening, I am not able to play any videos on my roku , viki dramas that is… anything going on I don’t know about? I checked here on Viki and cn get the dramas.

I am killing my account. I have yet to receive any form of help from them yet I am a premium member. I have removed the channel and readded it and rebooted the device and still no subtitles. I’ve paid for over a month for a service I cant use and that nobody here has bothered to help me with. Amazing. What awful service. I should report them to the BBB. If they dont pay the people who write the subtitles, what the hell is my money paying for? By Viki. Hello Kokowa.

I Have been using Roku for years it is the only way I will watch VIKI dramas. I think the problem is your Roku you need to go into Roku setting stroll until you see the word or your Captions and be sure they are turn ON once you see the Captions you want highlight and check OK on your Roku ( I use Always ON ) because everything I watch use Subtitles even Asian Drama on Netflix.

After this step of checking and placing what you want to do with Captions. Go back to setting stroll until you see System then RESTART Roku will restart after finish it will take you back to your home screen on Roku. Then go and try a drama with subtitles they should be there. Hope this help

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Thank you for the update. I really appreciate it. I cancelled my pass though. I can see subtitles fine on everything else I watch on my Roku so I am assuming its set correctly but I will check it anyway. I am more upset with the lack of response from their tech support department than anything else so I wont be returning any time soon. But again, thanks for the help.

I just checked and you were right, the setting was turned off. I turned it on and now I have the subtitles back. Thanks again. Too bad their own tech support couldnt answer that question over a month ago.


Roku also has a tech support and a FAQ with videos and clear instructions:

Roku also provided the same kind of answer to this Viki user:

The Vtech support may have assumed that the caption parameters inherent to Roku device were already set by the audience when they purchased it and that Roku customers read Roku instructions manual before using their device.
That’s why when they read you tried all the recommended manipulations, they were lead to think it was another kind of problem, more complex.

We all have been there: excited and trying to assemble Ikea furniture first, wondering why 1 bolt or screw is left in hand, and finally looking at the instructions.

Good you could watch now :slight_smile:

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Piranna, I have been watching Viki for a few years now with the same Roku box and over that period of time the subtitles have disappeared a few times but always came back after a reboot. This time no matter what I did they didnt come back so I asked Viki tech support, directly, twice and never got a breath of a reply from them so I came here. I never had to read setup instructions for any device I watched Viki on, not my Roku or my tablet, so when the subtitles disappeared all of the sudden I think its reasonable to ask their tech support for help, especially after checking the forums and not finding an answer that worked. And my subtitles work for every other streaming channel I watch so again, it’s reasonable to think that Viki’s tech support would be the first place to ask.

I can watch it now but probably wont since their tech support was so awful. I work in tech support myself and have for 26 years and this kind of service is unimaginable. It doesnt really matter to me what they assumed. They should’ve contacted me back and didnt so I ditched the pass and may never go back. I would rather watch on Netflix and I am going to get Kokowa now.

Oh no, it was not my intent to give my opinion on that.

I thought it was a good idea to check with Viki and with Roku, so you could solve your problem.
I don’t have Roku, so I don’t know the ins and outs of their device. Hopefully, peggy uses it!

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I am just going to add this here as follow up in case anybody else stumbles on this thread. While the Roku subtitles will work, they are not Viki subtitles so I am not sure what kind of translations I am actually getting. After watching some TV last night and seeing the subtitles on the shows I watched, I know now that the subtitles in the Roku were never turned on before and this problem is most definitely on Viki’s side.

Viki support, if you ever see this thread, just know that you lost a customer due to your lack of response. Whether you have an answer to the problem or not is beside the point. In this line of work, running into bugs is common. You find one, report it, inform your customer and pray development will fix it before you lose your customer. The one thing you never do is just ignore the customers request for help.

Hello, I am happy you check your Captions on Roku, If you use subtitles on dramas just keep the Captions set as Always ON you can change it back if you don’t need to use the caption, Once your captions is set on Roku for Always ON, if you look at Asian Drama using your Roku for places like Netflix it will also show the subtitles because they are now set.( Lots of Asian Drama on Netflix that is not here yet. )

A good tip is always check your Captions, even after an update on Roku it is wise to Restart your System because other streaming apps also give update on Roku. ( I use Roku Box ) Just so you know you are not alone with getting help I have had a tech problem dated since last year of October 2019 until this day it never got answer. But to be fair sometime others have the same problem, it get fixed and they don’t close the request so it’s still can be open, but since it was fixed I just move on.

Maybe you should re- think about getting another Viki pass there will be lots of upcoming dramas for 2020. To be honest my interest is the Chinese dramas more so than the Koreans dramas but I do follow both I have a Viki Plus Pass, since Drama Fever close down I use Netflix as my second home for Asian dramas. :slight_smile: When it comes to Roku I am a rocket scientist as to how to use it
:rofl: joking.

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