Non existing ad-block causes trouble

I was wondering why I got no ads anymore, but I checked and had not bought Viki-pass, so I was a bit confused and some weeks later it started to happen: Sometimes (not allways) Viki stopes at the yellow spots where normaly an advertisment is coomming and than tells me I should delet adblock, but I have no adblock. I checked all my browsers that I’m using but no, I still found no adblock. Than I looked in the Q&A of Viki about this and some weeks ago I even mailed the suport but nothing happend. Does anybody knows what to do? I even re-installed the browsers butr still nothing changed…

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This is happening to me too and I have no idea on how to fix it.

  1. Try deleting your entire browser history (including cache and everything - keep in mind, you will have to log in again on viki and other sites) and try again.
  2. Maybe your browser has a built-in adblock. Check your settings.
  3. Maybe some of your other plug-ins has adblock functions. Check their settings.

If none of the above fixes it, contact viki support.