Not happy with Viki ò_ó

I enjoying so much watching “Pablo Escobar The Druglord”. I think this TV show is so important for us, colombians, to know and understand our country’s story and violence life. But we, colombians, really hate that outside our country that’s the only image people get from our country.

People how enjoy watching tv series should know how big is the responsibility due the impact of a tv show do over a community. Now talking about internet, responsibility is even bigger.

How is it possible, Colombia has wonderful tvseries as Betty La Fea, Café, Amo de Casa, Nuevo Rico Nuevo Pobre, Pobres Rico, Los Reyes, El Último Matrimonio Feliz, La Hija del Mariachi but the only tvshows listed on Viki are all about drugs and narcotrafic. I can understand, ok, people are asking only for that kind of tvshows, but I’m also conceits that Viki has to make process to get the copyrights of the tvshows to be listend on the database.

Viki stuff… we really love you, I’m practicing my chinese everyday, and I feel really moved with that part of the story I didn’t know in my country. This website is simply wonderful. But please, you will make so happy a whole country if you guys promote more good things of my country.


Hi, I am Indonesian, and Betty La Fea is one of my favorite drama. this drama has aired here years ago

I’m Colombian as well and I think is fault of our own national television which promotes all this shows that don’t help with our international image, the shows that actually were good are not being made anymore unfortunately. “Ugly Betty” is actually here on Viki , all the shows you can find them in English, so if they exist you can search them translated. The best way to contribute on Viki with the shows you like and want to see is requesting a Channel you could actually bring all those shows you want here by requesting them and making them work. This is a community website so it’s actually up to us what we make of it. Volunteering and creating those Channels you want here is the best way to bring that good things of our country. You can make it happen.

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