Not sure about the new "Next Episode" Screen


I don’t know if everyone has started seeing the new “Next Episode” screen. I’m not really sure I like it. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just full screen and it gets in the way of seeing the full teasers at the end of the episodes. Maybe make them smaller, or just wait until the end of the teasers. I just feel it’s a bit too intrusive. It feels like if you DVRed something and it cuts off the last bit of the show you wanted to watch. Hope they tweek this back a bit.


Not happy at all, in fact it cuts off the ending I click on x and it comes right back, to put it on entire page is a faux-pas for sure. - Again, what were developers thinking???

I intent to post it in bug and issues or the idea box under help center/community.


I just hate that new thing here
i thought there was something wrong like a bug or something and they were blocking me, but I finally decided to click the box and it went away. Now it happens in all the dramas i watch. so annoying!


I paid for Viki Pass Plus to get rid of things interrupting my drama time. Can I please have this out of the way too?

It enrages me more than ads. At least for ads, my video would stop and resume where it got interrupted. When this thing pops up, my drama keeps running in the back.


It would help a lot if the whole screen wouldn’t get all shadowy and impossible to see anything in detail.


Isn’t this more of an Bugs & Issues category?

I opened a thread here:

…in hopes that it would be more “visible” to the people at Viki.


I also hate it. It interrupts the preview, and you can’t get rid of it. And I don’t always want to go to the next episode (as, for instance, when the subs are still at 1%).


They cover about 5 seconds of the previews in a drama i{m watching so unnerving.


I agree,It’s a nice feature, I guess .it’s pop up timing is annoying if you are watching the teasers.It also does this during some of the endings and you miss them.If they can’t tweak the timing then at least make it transparent.


There was nothing wrong the way it was before. If it ain’t broken don’t fix. now in here the things that really need fixing stays broken, messed up. What gives???


Glad I’m not the only one! I’m waiting to slam down on that X every time now. :tired_face:


UPDATE: Here is Kristie’s answer: