Nuisance commenters & Trollers

What more effective way can viki take to prevent or stop trollers and people who make nuisance and comments on the work done by volunteers in the drama channels.
One such person who has been previously reported emerged again and this time even bolder to comment in team discussion slot.

How to stop these individuals other than the flag button which does not remove them?

Notify the staff and send the staff the timestamp url (right click the timestamp). The staff should give the team members or at least the moderators of show pages mod status for the episodes, main page & team discussion comment sections so that it takes a lot less time for a proper response.

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that person seem doesnt have any other words than please, add, eng, sub and thank you
just let her be Rose… :smile:
it’s just too far for us to be able to moderate comments in our channels ourself(?), i monitored the comments through anyway

but IMHO, utube is a well example if viki want to do somethin,or maybe removed the ability to write comments(?)

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seem this getting worse now…
if viki cant give some more feature, the least they can do (in my opinion)… they could help to respond some of it, i think their words probably will got some more respect… and i think, we (include me-kah? :unamused: :pensive: :blush: ) busy enough to work on the sub to handle this all the time…
tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat pihak mana pun ya^^

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