Number of dramas v number of movies

I see a great difference in numbers.
Is it a matter of popularity among viki viewers? Or the number of dramas is really bigger than the movies produced?

I think it’s preference of people to watch their favorite actor for longer periods of time instead of just 1.5-2hours.
Plus after movies are released they usually go into dvd so the production still can keep making money off it, while a drama after it aired usually doesn’t have another platform to make money from that (only if they sell it to another network in a different country which is the same concept as selling it to viki)
I think it’s a mix of those two. But you can see that the movies that are added are usually the old ones (so I think the sell for their dvd went down?)
Conclusion - money is the reason for 99.9% of what happens in the world. (think history lessons, it’s always the money!)


As far as I remember Viki started with dramas.
Movies are harder to purchase since they could first go to other countries, the contracts for movie distribution is far more difficult than for drama.