Oh no! Something went wrong. Please try refreshing this page. If the problem persists, check the status page

Oh no! Something went wrong.

Please try refreshing this page if the problem persists.

What should I do to correct? Is the problem with the browser or player? I don’t subscribe to twitter.

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When does this happen? On which pages? Drama info page, when trying to view an episode, or your inbox? What have you been trying to do?
It’s hard to help you if you don’t give any details.

For me, I had this sort of dog error page when trying to view episodes. I had to refresh 2-3 times to watch anything. I wrote to Help and they probably took care of it, because I haven’t been experiencing lately.
So try going to Help and creating a ticket. For this sort of technical stuff, this course is the better. Don’t expect an answer very soon, especially during the weekend.

Depends on what page it happens, do you have a screenshot?

Most probably it is a problem with Viki, it ocasialy appears and then doesn’t happen.

Why would you mention twitter?

How about refreshing the page doesn’t it help?

Because Viki always says to check their status on Twitter to be updated about how they are dealing with technical problems.

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As far as I know you can check there without being registered at twitter. But the twitter account has not been updated since early May, you can always check


I’ve had this error when trying to play a specific episode of one series last week. It went away on its own.

Same problem, no Twitter account to say something’s wrong. And I’m not opening one just for Viki.

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Actually the twitter account provides the email contact, you don’t need a twitter account for contacting them.


Aha… didn’t know that. Thanks!

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