Oh no something went wrong


For some reason I can’t watch anything for 3 days on Viki. Whenever I try to play something, it says ‘Oh no, something went wrong’. I tried to watch on my mom’s account. It was the same result. Do you guys also having the same trouble or does Viki hates my family TT

If you have any kind of solution, pls tell me…

(btw I have no problem with subtitling the dramas. I just can’t watch them with the normal way if that makes sense?)


Just a few minutes ago, I completed watching episode 9 of Blue Birthday. I see no problem with streaming.

What device do you use? I was watching via the app.
Did you clear the cache?

Oh, and I also read somewhere in Help Center that they’ll be discontinuing their services on some devices or softwares.


Do you wantch the drama on a computer, mobile phone or TV? Does the problem persist on all devices? If it’s all - it might be your account - try to log out and back in.

If its a single device (computer) you tried several accounts on - try deleting your cookies and cache and log in again.


Sometimes with my app, if a problem persists, I have to actually delete the app and re-install it.


Sometimes you have to log out on all of your devices and log back in


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it didn’t work but when i deleted the cookies the problem solved!


I was using the web verison I willl keep that in my mind if something like that happens when I use the app! Thank you!


Thank you so so much! I just tried it and it worked! You are a life savior :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I was watching it on my (chromebook) laptop. I deleted the cookies as the other comment says and it worked!