Ok the crisis almost over?


Awwh it’s the same here…we “locals” have too keep going further up the coast to enjoy a quiet beach :persevere:



The passing of time has really messed up things for all of us. In my Island the beach in PR. was about 4 (US) blocks away, until the white people/Americans/ caucasian/ bought houses in that area, and demanded they make for them a wall, so we couldn’t pass through there to the beach. They wanted their ‘‘privacy’’

It was devastating when they put that huge white cement wall, and from then on, we had to go so, so, far down just to get to the beach that was so close by our complex just bc these rich ppl decided to move to the Island, and take over the beach like they owned it. In the long run, it would come to benefit us in a Big way.

There was a huge hurricane (like we always have), and after it passed we found out that the overflooded graves had floated and most of those decayed bodies where stopped from coming to our side by the majestic white wall.

When I saw the pictures in the newspaper I was so happy that the wall was there bc it was so creepy to see bones and coffins lying there by those beautiful houses. I think to a teenager then it would have been a very traumatizing experience to go through. I remember we all said thank god the wall was there, when in the past, we cursed the wall all the time bc we had to give that long walk to get to the beach that was just a few feet from us. Coincidence? Karma came to bt them in the a*s? Only God knows. All I know that I never again cursed that wall.


Your story made me think of the saying “God works in mysterious ways.” Although it’s sad to see tourism encroach on the simpler way of life, in the long run, it does seem to benefit the locals.


its really something, why in the world didn’t they make a walkway. oh well, what goes around comes around


Unfortunately space on planet Earth is getting smaller by the minute if not by the second, even animals and creatures are suffering under this happening loosing habitats… why, there are many factors that make this happen… it will continue until the boat is full… it’s the humans fault… although not everyone’s, some are just trying to survive somewhere even in the slums… life isn’t fair for everyone… and it has been always like this since humans “settled” on this planet… quo vadis?