[On-Air Korean Music Show] "Simply K-pop" - Recruiting Co-channel manager

Hi! As some of you know I’m normally very viki active however I’m doing my thesis for graduate from college and can’t take care of this Korean Music channel (Simply K-pop) too much, but I will love that vikians and the community have the opportunity to watch all the favorite kpop stars, I need a Co channel Manager who is willing to take care of the channel and make sure that the videos are being segged and subbed also English Moderator, Korean Subbers and Seggers.

If you are willing to help let me know,



i can help now i just studing i was working but now that im not i can do it if you stell need help let me know i will love just let me know what i have to do please

Thank you I will send you a PM

i can help, as french moderator

I will add you, thank you :smiley:

welcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can help with segmenting. ^.^