On my soapbox today

ok I am upset, Viki I just started watching “the fatal mission” on third episode, was hooked, because of the mystery in it, BUT look iits now restricted in my area! wow!

I was curious and looked at other restricted dramas! there’s a whole bunch my thing is how come you restrict them and have me to do to other links to watch them, to me that’s not being fair either way.

to be sure they were popular. as for this one its kinda like mystic 9, the item, and golden eyes. and I agree some may not like this kind of drama.

now gotta research and fined it. the lady that plays the captain is awesome. ok enough ranting. yeah, I know what to do, and that is what I am going to do in a bit. still,Viki is the best,
I am just upset about the drama that I just started.


Yes, Rakuten Viki site has been acting very mean, and they are practically putting every drama restricted. I was watching a drama and when I went back it was restricted. What kind of crap s that? Anyway, good thing I don’t sweat over dramas.

I hope they don’t restrict PERFUME too. I’m watching that one and I really like it. Check it ut and see. It has so many funny parts I know you might like it.

thats another I have on my list to watch

PERFUME is one of these I wanted to watch because it sounds interesting but of course restricted xD

99% K dramas restricted (subjective feeling)

But well… C dramas still there :two_hearts:

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really? I was going to watch it later!
well the c dramas do have some good ones, I am watching fire daughter and is quite good. I love to watch these folks “fly” and yes we know all ropes and pulley, but so cool! so yes I am watching some of the Chinese & Japanese, yeah tiawanese too, they do have some good ones on here.
may I suggest, if you can get it that is, go to Netflix, they got a bunch of good ones and some of the older K,c,T dramas too like Just you, office girls, Miss rose, just to name a few. yeah! Love Cusine. I am watching that one again!!
well guess we have to be patient, maybe something will work out!

I watched I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper and Galileo, Japanese dramas, a few months back, but then I searched for them yesterday and they were restricted! I was surprised and sad since I wanted to rewatch I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.

the fatal mission is back on! yeaaaa

Oops, I made this reply before seeing your last post. Glad you can watch now.

Hi @frustratedwriter, aren’t you in the USA? Because I checked and “The Fatal Mission” is licensed for me here in Arizona.

Yes I am in Raleigh,NC going to watch more of it today. gotta catchup!

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I just finished watching it “somewhere” else. It’s very enjoyable to watch, the actors were very good, but the finale disappointed me a lot.
I’ve left a review here, it has spoilers though: so if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, don’t read it.

I am also on my soapbox. I want to delete all the comments I’ve made on dramas. Can anyone tell he how to do that? I don’t want any of my comments to be on Viki anymore.

You mean the Timed comments?
You cannot do it yourself, you need to ask a moderator on the dramas you’ve commented on. Only they can access the timed comments and delete some.
But it’s a great trouble to do that. They have to visit the episodes one by one and make a search with your username to find all your comments and delete them one by one.
If you commented on many dramas, there’s a slim chance you’ll be able to have all of them deleted.

If you mean posts in the Disqus comment section, you can do that through Disqus. I looked it up for you.
While logged in to Disqus, go to Disqus home: https://disqus.com/home/
Make sure you are logged in, okay? On the left, it should show the total number of your comments. Click on the number and you’ll go to the comments.
You cannot edit them after 7 days, but you can delete them, one by one, by clicking on the little arrow on the right of the comment.

Here is the post from Disqus Help Center: https://help.disqus.com/en/articles/1717071-remove-and-edit-your-comments