One language you wish you spoke?

It’s always fun to see what everyone thinks :smile:

What is one language you wish you spoke?

I’m Korean and I live in the U.S. so I obviously speak Korean and English,
But I really really wish I spoke Italian!

How about you?

I would like to learn Korean , of course because of k-drama :slight_smile: I wish I understand this without sub :slight_smile:
I’m Polish and I also speak in English :slight_smile:

I wish I could speak Korean and Japanese xD lol…

Hello, I’m Italian and I live in France since I was 1 years old, so I speak French and Italian.
I learned English and Spanish at school.
I wish I could speak Korean.

Italian is a great language, I learned for three years in school. :smile:
I speak Polish, French, I learned English.
I wish to speak Irish. :smiley:

Since I live in California, I used to think Spanish, but since it’s the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve had to include Chinese, Tagalog, and Korean on the list. I’m around more people that speak Tagalog, so I’d say that’s the language I wish I spoke.

Korean sounds cute (some words like anajwo, sarangheyo, etc. I think sound cute - especially with the formal yo endings) and Japanese sounds kinda exotic and also cute/interesting. It may sound racist but Japanese doesn’t sound “Asian” at all. Most people think German sounds harsh and angry, but I think it also sounds unique and interesting (I learned in for one year in 2nd grade). But the language I’d love to be fluent would be Chinese because it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn. Therefore, knowing it would be impressive. I would love to visit China & Taiwan one day , knowing the language would come in handy. Bonus: you’re able to communicate with 10-14% of the world, plus many Chinese immigrate to North America - not hard to find em where I live.