Original Chinese Subtitles AND English Subtitles Compete

So am I the only one seeing competing subtitles while watching Chinese shows? I can’t seem to see the English ones very well with the bright original Chinese characters. I wonder if I’m not doing something right, because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make the English ones easier to see. Any insight would be helpful.


You can customize the subtitles by clicking on the parameter icon :gear: at the right bottom of the video:
:gear: -> “Subtitle Appearance” -> “Background color” : Black -> Save!


But in Learn Mode, the customizing doesn’t work, same for the breaks for dialogue, so we can have 3 sets of subtitles showing on screen (Chinese Learn Mode, English, Chinese hard subs).

When I watched them on the viki website in my smart TV, those with the English subtitles set in white text and black background really helps a lot as it covers the Chinese hard subs. I think the translation editor did the settings when she finalized the edits. No distractions after that, :slight_smile: