OST of K-drama

My favorite OST’s are:

Bad guy

----Faith (Main Title-String Version) Instrumental

Cheongdamdong Alice

Romantisco (로맨티스코)
Kang Hee Chan (강희찬) - Farewell
Jeong Jae Woo (정재우) - Fashion Work
Jeong Cha Sik (정차식) - Gypsy
Lee Kyung Sik (이경식) - Dream
Moon Sung Nam (문성남) - Blue Moon
Kang Hee Chan (강희찬) - Ivory Smile
Lee Kyung Sik (이경식) - In Your Hands
Jeong Cha Sik (정차식) - Paris

City hunter

The Fire of Love
Mama’s crying
Aria of the city
Glory of the city
City Hunter
NaNa’s Theme

Personal taste
----Personal Taste OST 말도 안돼 [Inst.] Piano Ver.

Coffee prince

Coffee Prince OST by DEPAPEPE
keopihyang Seolreim- tearliner

Innocent man /Nice guy

Broken Heart- Various Artists
Buen hombre - Various Artists
Lonely- Various Artists
Change - Various Artists
Despedida -Various Artists

The crucible (2011 film)
----The Crucible (도가니) OST-무진의 도가니

Master’s sun
----Who Are You (Ending Theme)

----Dream of Hang Ah (항아의 꿈)


City hunter---- Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung

Cheongdamdong Alice---- Luna (루나) - 괜찮아 (It`s Okay)

Coffee prince

White Love Story
Sad Thing - Eoreunai

Cruel city

Kim Yong Jin – Hurt
Jo Jung Hee (조정희) - Everyday

A werewolf boy (movie)
----Park Bo Young - My Prince

I can hear your voice
----Every Single Day – Echo

Scent of a woman

MBLQ – You and I
Junsu – You are so Beautiful

Two weeks
----Nell – Run

To the beautiful you
----J-min – Stand up

Shut up flower boy band

wake up- Sung-joon

Reply 1997

All for you
Sechs Kies- To You Who I Love
Delispice- The Confession
N.EX.T- 날아라 병아리
Deli Spice- 차우차우



I love the music of King 2 Hearts!!! I remember I cried a lot when Eun Shi Kyung (Jo Jung Suk) learned his faher’s mistake and he stand in the rain… I love the music Painful Love with piano and violins…It’s so sad!


I love K-drama OST! Most of them are amazing! I have too many favorites to be honest hehehe. I think one of the earliest favorites of mine that I can think of is the “You’re Beautiful” OST. ^-^

It’s really something I like in Kdrama, the importance of the OST!

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I agree and I think it´s the most important thing in a Kdrama because even after you watched it you still listen to the Ost. That´s what i do every time a drama ends

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yup.i agree with u on allot of those. i think every single one of dramas i have watched i loved the osts but these are my most favorites as of right now of what i can think of…
I hear you voice ost: Echo- Every single day
*jung yup- why did you come just now(omg will NEVER get sick of this one)
Marry him if u dare ost(the ending sucked but the ost was fantastic):Kim Tae Woo- My Lady
Jeon Gunhwa- Casting Love
Yuna(AOA)- Im ok
Park Hyo Shin-Its You
Melody Day- Alone
Cindy- Paradise
I miss you ost: Wax- tears are falling
Jeong Dong Ha-just look at you

Monstar Ost- Lee hyiori - 10minute

That winter the wind blows: the whole ost
heartstrings ost: the whole ost

Thanks to the OST, we can discover artist. I really like Every Single Day since the song Cold in Golden Time. So I was happy to listen to Echo in I Hear Your Voice.

Heartstrings : the story was not that great but I really like this drama for the music and the actors (except the kiss scenes, they were great :p). I loved the scene where Yonghwa played guitar with his dad.


You know the Ost of 49 Days? I actually watched the drama after listened to the Ost because it´s so great and also very touching … i still like it … you should give it a listen :slight_smile:

yea? must be good then xD OMG these osts for these kdramas are always so awesome and okay check it out :slight_smile:

ommgg it makes me feel like crying its so beautifullllllllllllllllllllllll xDDD GAH!

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it sounds like the sound of a heart breaking into a million pieces

The song Want by Oh Hyun Ran is really beautiful and melancholic!

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Hahahahahah I´m happy that you like it and I totally agree. I was very sad when I listened to it before watching the drama because it´s so emotional and amazing but now after the drama i am like T-T
I love it and i will never be tired of it

Yess!! My god her voice is totally amazing and heartbreaking i love this song so much

i love the i can hear your voice ost and
madly in love ost burn
and heirs ost love is
but there are so many awesome osts

Oh, I like very much Every Single Day too. ^.^ I’ve heard their music first time in Pasta. It’s my favourite -:

It’s surprising we don’t hear more about Every Single Day with all the OST they did!

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I forgot to add the OST of Miss Pilot (it’s J-drama but I like her voice) : Kaho - Every Hero


The Last Empress : Jo Sumi - If I leave


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Empress Ki is a great drama and of course has great songs !


4MEN - Thorn Love


Wow, there are some great OSTs listed!! Agree with every single one of them, haha!

Here’s my little list of OSTs that I listen to all the time:

  • All for You by Eunji and Seo In Gook (Reply 1997)
  • Because I Miss You by Jung Yong Hwa (Heartstrings)
  • It Has To Be You by Yesung (Cinderella’s Sister)
  • I See You by Sung Hoon (Faith)
  • Teardrop by Younha (Faith)
  • Driving Me Crazy by Hyorin (Master’s Sun)
  • Touch Love by Yoon Mi Rae (Master’s Sun)
  • Because Love Grows by Yoo Seung Eun (Who Are You)
  • Don’t Forget Me by Suzy (Gu Family Book)
  • I Love You by Just (You Who Came From The Stars)
  • Hello, Goodbye) by Hyorin (You Who Came From The Stars)
  • Fate by Why (Full House) -----> LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

whew… those are the ones I’m currently replaying over and over again!