Philippines - Forevermore

Hey guys!, I would love some help with this new drama. I’ve only released the trailer clip and am getting ready to share the episodes. I just need a team thank you!

I need subtitler, segmenter, language moderators for all languages. And I would even love to have a co-channel manager to help me as I am sort-of new to these type of things. I’d really appreciate it.


Also need help for this movie as well:

Neither of those have been published so the public can’t see them.

yeah…it needs to be approved by viki first :smiley:

Oh I see. I thought it was published as I’ve seen it on my projects (it’s gone now actually)

Ohh thank you for letting me know.
but how will I know if it’s been approved or rejected and how long will it take? It’s been ‘20 days’ since I’ve posted this, so I’m wondering where the shows went? :smile:

When I submitted the channel, it said that it takes about 48-72 hours for viki to approve. About 3 days later, When I posted this thread, I saw it in my projects back then but it disappeared that’s why it got me confused.

Yeah… They really ought to update that, because in my experience it usually takes a few weeks or so.

You should see your submitted channels on your page like 10-20 minutes after you submit it, but no one else will be able to access the channel page until it’s been approved - if you’re not sure, try to access the page when you’re not logged into your account (e.g. in a private/incognito window).

The staff also say you’re supposed to get a message when your channel is approved or denied. I guess it’s automated or something, because a lot of people report that their channels disappear without notification. But if you don’t see the channel on your page anymore, it’s been deleted.

I saw the channels after about 3 days, that’s why I thought it has been approved. But I never got a message from viki that it’s been approved so I guess they’re still processing it? I never got a message about it getting rejected either.

Yeah I checked when they replied to this thread and I really couldn’t see (not published) it so I thought I’ll wait. I hope it’s not deleted because I never got any message from viki…

For now though, I guess I’ll have to wait until I hear from them :smiley:
thank you for your time xomachi :smiley:

Hello zechinellac_
I’d like to help. I’m new to subtitling, if that’s ok with you. My email is