Plagiarizing on Viki

Hello folks,
Okay so I’ve been on Viki for quite awhile now and there is something that really annoys me, it’s plagiarizing. I’m not talking about finding our subtitles on other streaming sites (although it is super frustrating) but I’m talking about OUR subbers who shamelessly go on other website and copy all the subtitles. I don’t think they realize how big of a waste of a time it is for them and for us, who have to edit everything. I don’t see what’s good about doing that? Some people might be doing it to help us finish the translation, and I, somehow, don’t care about it (not really but you get my point) but there are people who will lie about it and… it’s so obvious and not right! They will tell you “I’m sharing my account with my cousin/friend/sister and I told them/him/her not to sub and they’re the one who subbed” OR “I’m a translator on that website and also on viki so that’s my subtitles”. I caught someone once, and they sent me the “it’s my cousin” excuse and the next day, they tell me “Oh I’m also a translator on that website as well so I wasn’t copying since these are my subtitles”. 10 minutes ago, I found someone else who did the same thing, and they have 480+ subtitles on that drama! It’s such a pain to edit all of these!!
And Viki doesn’t do anything about this, I’ve sent screenshots, the messages, everything and they said they weren’t doing anything wrong. I don’t get it? Maybe they could add a little something to avoid those kind of folks, maybe a rating system on our profile and/or an option to delete all the subtitles of someone in an episode since we already have the option to delete the subtitles in a certain language.
I don’t want to sound rude but it’s a thing that I wished was fixed.

Have a nice day,


connie just deletes all segments of theirs.
She also thinks no point in editing.

Viki seriously said those persons didn’t do anything wrong?! I don’t know what to say but they are not reenforcing their own guidelines very well which states it’s forbidden.

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Yes, but Connie is not on every single project, not on the one I just found the person.

I guess we should write to viki about that feature. The ability to sort segments by id and delete them with one button.

I always thought a find replace would always be so useful especially in historicals (e.g. 18 eps of Lee In Jwa changed to Yi In Jwa…)

Exactly! It would make it way easier!

I can’t help but agree here. I see it a lot on Running Man too. But there are so many episodes that need to be fixed on translations it would be overwhelming for the person who translation edits. I don’t think there is anyone who is actually fluent in Korean active on the RM team right now. They all left or are too busy. And all of you guys who are actually fluent in Korean seem pretty stretched out already.

Is there a petition we could sign or…?

I hope viki actually listens to this idea ><


Plotwise in Jackpot there was some guy Mr. Jeong who wanted to overthrow the Yi Dynasty (Joseon royal line). Yi/Lee In Jwa is from this lineage thus to keep this uniform we decided to change 18 episodes worth of Lee In Jwa to Yi In Jwa.

In real life, it depends on the immigration officer

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I see ^^ that’s interesting.

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You can totally tell when people immigrated by this too^^
The people who immigrated before the 80s were Rhee (e.g. 1st president of South Korea Rhee Sygman). I believe 80s-90s were but the 2000s were Yi more than Lee?

Oh and in North Korea because they implemented pronunciation reforms, the same last name is all Ri.

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Yeah when it comes to lee/yi etc it’s just due the lack of a standard romanized version I think… I mean in hangul it’s “이” which simply is “i” but having just an “i” as last name is a bit strange and for a better flow it’s pronounced as Yi/Lee etc…

I hope that makes sense to others and I hope I’m correct otherwise I learned it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s so true.
I wish I could know Korean, then I would help more translating Running Man.
I’m trying my best to recruit more translators, but it seems that everyone is packed with projects. I feel bad for them. :confused:

I think at least viki should hire some Korean-English translators and help us out.

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oh they did. And I wish… they cared more about quality subtitles than subbing things up to 100%.

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we had a whole thing on Team Discussions about his surname ㅋㅋㅋ even Ni came up! At one point historically it was/could’ve been called Ni according to one linguist.

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technically it is not plagiarizing since Viki adds the license for this subs as Creative Commons and if you read the information on a Creative Commons license it basically says anyone has access to them, they become public and available to anyone to edit and to add to them and do what they want with them since it doesn’t protect the creative integrity of the original creator… it is right there in blue letters in every channel.

nonono person took subtitles from a third-party site and started inserting them into viki!!!
It was such a mess to clean up.

I have a question.
If the subtitles are correct and aren’t filled with mistakes and follow the segmenting why is this so bad to do in projects that there aren’t enough translators?

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the projects I am on it is simply not up to par. At viki the teams I am on strive to translate every word and create equivalents. Thus every subtitle is very faithful and accurate to the original.

A lot of the subtitles from third party sites are incomplete or… lacking for different reasons. Editing these subs is annoying because it is hard to know it is incomplete unless every segment is played.

Think mbc/kbs subtitles vs. those made by viki.

I know it is a guideline but don’t know how it came about. My microteams: hidden identity (usually a pair) and flower in prison (usually solo/pair) are very effective. We just don’t have a lot of time to devote to the shows.

KBS World romanizes names so weird and also has the habbit of replacing the Ajumma for the name of the character they call Ajumma.

i don’t say simply copy and paste from a third site. i mean if someone corrects them first as much as he/she can(for example corrects this weird romanization dudie says and the most of the grammar and syntax errors, ) before adding them into viki. then it that case would these subtitles still would be useless and wrong to use?
this way wouldn’t the editing be more easily made?