Please keep the EPISODE PAGES - and how to get there from NEW VIDEO PLAYER

Tonight, I have found that if you’re saddled with the new video player, you click “pause” on the video, click “feedback”, and it gives you 2 options:

You may either “give feedback” on the new player OR…

You may revert to the OLD VIDEO PLAYER. If you do this, you may then access the EPISODE PAGE!

One more plea from me to the overlords here. KEEP the episode pages or we will have myriad and numerous SPOILER ISSUES ON THE COVER PAGES! thank you for listening.

GeNie of the Lamp…has better things to do than police the cover page spoiler zone


thanks for the info! yes I like the pages so we can discuss the drama we just finished watching


Thank you. I submitted feedback to Viki giving my reasons for my objections to the new format.

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Hw does a viewer even know if the drama has been translated to their language if there isn’t an episode page anymore?

And how are we supposed to know where we left off translating?


Just a couple of weeks ago I realized this as well. I was like wait a second there are no more individual episode pages, where is the individual episode comment section. I was like no they can’t get rid of individual episode comment section. So I submitted my feedback and it is along the lines of what you said. There would spoilers everywhere on the main page. Even if they said spoiler tag or put a spoiler mask the episodes would be still spoiled because people would be talking about multiple episodes on one page. Someone might be looking for comments on episode 3 but then might by mistake read a comment on episode 10 even with the spoiler mask. Hopefully Viki listens to us and puts back the pages because it nice to have individual page for episodes.